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Galit Zamler the developer of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program

Galit Zamler is a serial technological and educational entrepreneur who combines in her various activities all her knowledge and experience accumulated as an entrepreneur in a variety of fields and as an activist in Israel and international entrepreneurial communities.

You may contact Mrs. Zamler for:

- Getting a license to distribute the Israeli Entrepreneurship for Kids Program in your country

- Implementing the EFK Program in your school

- Entrepreneurship education consultations

- Running an experiential hackathon event - frontal, virtual or hybrid

- Consultation on how to organize your hackathon

- Online lectures about entrepreneurship education

- Online lectures about Israel as a Startup nation

- Hosting delegations in Israeli schools

- The inspiring story of Galit Zamler's entrepreneurship journey

- Or any other matter. Galit is always happy to hear about new opportunities.

Contact Galit Zamler by email: [email protected]

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Galit Zamler is also available on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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