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By Galit Zamler
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Galit Zamler the developer of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program

Galit Zamler is an entrepreneur who shares her knowledge and experience in business and social entrepreneurship. She sows it into the lives of children in ways they understand and enjoy.

In 2009, Galit developed the Entrepreneurship for Kids (EFK) Program, which has since been taught in dozens of schools across Israel and the world. This included the USA, China, Hong Kong, India, and Vietnam.

Her program has also been translated into English to encourage others to cultivate students' entrepreneurial abilities. The program is welcome and has proven successes.

Galit is active in the field of entrepreneurship. She combines lectures and assignments with workshops for teachers and students. She also offers "Hackathons" for students in second through twelfth grades, as well as training for teachers.

Galit also advises school principals in entrepreneurship education in school framework, and much more!

Are you interested in:

- Implementing the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program in your school

- Implementing the Youth Entrepreneurship Program in your school

- Classes for Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Skills

- Entrepreneurship Education Consultations

- Consultation on how to organize students Hackathons in your school

- Online lectures about Entrepreneurship Education

- Online lectures about Israel as a Startup nation

How about these:

- Online meeting(s) with students from Israeli schools on entrepreneurship. Galit will be happy to assist you with the content as well as making contact.

Brainstorming sessions to raise ideas for projects and discussions to get feedback on ideas that have raised, and sessions to conduct surveys and some more.

We welcome cooperation and interactions.

Contact Galit Zamler [email protected]

Galit Zamler is also available on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship