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About Galit Zamler
Serial Entrepreneur, Hackathons Expert, and the Creator of the EFK Program

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In Brief

Galit Zamler is a serial technological and educational entrepreneur, co-founder at Galiel3.14 Ltd., and Vickathon for leading experiential hackathons.

Her latest venture is called GoodLooking, which arose from her need to look good in live video meetings on all types of platforms.

She is the founder and mastermind behind the Israeli Entrepreneurship for Kids (EFK) program, which became an international program. She delivers lectures throughout Israel and abroad and holds workshops on entrepreneurship and innovation.

She is a mentor for entrepreneurs and an international consultant on entrepreneurship education from an early age for schools.

She holds M.B.A and B.A.degrees.

When Did I Decide to Become an Entrepreneur?

In my early twenties, I was hired by the Personnel Division of a large industrial company, and the first thing I was asked to do was prepare dismissal letters for veteran and experienced workers. The company's decision to fire them was solely based on financial considerations.

Over time, the employer paid a relatively large salary and benefits to these employees as they grew in seniority. At that time, immigrants came to Israel from the former Soviet Union, and the government provided grants to employers to hire them. Although the government's intentions were good, it created a scenario that enabled the organization to fire those veteran workers, employ new immigrants at minimum wage, and receive grants.

After seeing this and realizing how difficult it was for these workers to reinvent themselves at such an advanced age, I decided to start my own business at the age of forty. Back then, the term entrepreneurship was not yet familiar. And so I did.

Over the years, I have worked as an organizational entrepreneur. That's why I was promoted from a personnel coordinator position to a senior management position. I was the organization's second and youngest female manager. The promotion was based solely on my contributions to the organization.

Being a Part of the Entrepreneurship Community

During my employment, I established a company with my husband, Eldad Zamler. He is an award-winning expert programmer on major developments. I have worked with him on several technological products, some of which have succeeded, some have failed. Through this process, I have learned and continue to learn how to improve as an entrepreneur and cope with challenges, successes, and failures.

As an intrapreneur and an independent entrepreneur, I became a part of the entrepreneurial community, first in Israel and later globally. I did this because I wanted to learn how to act properly in an uncertain world, in which everyone has to reinvent themselves and be able to convey a value that people want.

Furthermore, I lead a committee of accelerators and incubators within the Israeli Chamber of Information Technology, where I contribute my experience in entrepreneurship to entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey.

How Did I Become an Expert at Leading Hackathons?

Galit Zamler is a co-founder of the Vickathon project for leading experiential hackathons

I participated in my first hackathon in 2013 as a member of the local tech community. I enjoyed the vibe, creativity, teamwork, and the connections formed between participants and decided to lead hackathons myself.

I have perfected the format of the hackathons I lead to those that are, on one hand, experiential and, on the other hand, have practical results. After all, entrepreneurs don't only come up with creative ideas, but also put them into action.

The Vickathon venture, one of the technology ventures I'm co-founder of, is a venture for hosting experiential hackathons. The Vickathon was developed out of my need to operate hackathons more efficiently. We developed it in the Bootsrap format, which means we created it gradually according to the market's needs and through self-financing.

During the development of Vickathon, I participated in the EdStart accelerator for a year with other entrepreneurs who were passionate about entrepreneurship.

The process of developing the venture was enjoyable though challenging. It completely reflected the ups and downs that entrepreneurs go through in the entrepreneurial process.

The combination of the technology venture, the vast experience I gained in leading hackathons, and my ability to communicate at any level made me an expert in entrepreneurship and innovation events within organizations and the education system.

Being an expert in the production of hackathons as well as co-founder of the Vickathon project, I am also being interviewed about hackathons and explaining: what they are, how they work, and why one should lead and participate in them?

Galit Zamler is interviewed as an expert on hackathons

Entrepreneurship For Kids Program

Entrepreneurship For Kids Program and Youth Entrepreneurship Program by Galit Zamler Israel

Towards the age of 40, I left my workplace in order to concentrate on our technological projects.

In 2009, I stumbled into entrepreneurship education quite by chance, following the pioneer principal at one of my children's schools when he was a sixth-grader.

The principal aspired to launch an entrepreneurship course, but it did not work out with the organization she contacted. After about a month, I approached her and offered to conduct such a course. At that point, I knew I understood entrepreneurship very well, but it was not clear that I would be able to deliver it to students effectively. This same principal decided it was worth trying, and I discovered that I had found my destiny.

The idea of developing an Entrepreneurship for Kids program stemmed from the need to teach students entrepreneurial skills within the school, which are essential skills for success in the job market and in life in general, so that graduated students are prepared to face the challenges of a dynamic world.

My motivation to promote the entrepreneurship program in schools was driven by nationalism and the understanding that the more children acquire entrepreneurial skills from an early age, the more we will strengthen the country's human capital and help its economic development.

The program is offered as an enrichment program for schools, and was designed on the premise that everyone has the potential to become an entrepreneur.

Children enjoy the program, and the learning method is adapted to our times. It also includes examples, presentations, videos, exercises, games, press articles, stories, humor, and more, to illustrate concepts and content regarding entrepreneurship and business.

From a Local Initiative to an International One

Like any entrepreneur who sets a new goal once he reaches his original goal, so it also happened to me. I aspired to do more after the success of the entrepreneurship program in Israel. Eventually, I decided to translate the program into English and distribute it overseas as well.

I used the marketing and business development capabilities I gained with the technology ventures I was a partner in. I reached out to the innovation director at a Jewish school in Florida. I trained the staff online, and they describe the program as "eye-opening." Their positive feedback encouraged me to continue. Since then, the program has been taught in China, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, and at centers for gifted students throughout the United States.

Doing With Purpose and Enjoyment

I like to diversify and challenge myself as part of my growth process, so I enjoy mentoring entrepreneurs and lecturing about entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation in Hebrew and English, alongside hackathons for different audiences. To foreign delegations, I introduce Israel as an innovative country. Additionally, I work with organizations that aim to enrich their employees, educators at all levels, and students from Israel and worldwide.

By sharing my personal journey, I am able to tell the story of Israel as an innovative and entrepreneurial nation.

Watch Galit Zamler's presentation (in English) at the Global Innovation Field Trip event: Entrepreneurship - At Any Age.

Watch also Galit Zamler's lecture at the Open University Entrepreneurship Club, which tells the story of how the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program developed from a one-class social initiative to an international business venture: (In Hebrew)

In my lectures where I share my entrepreneurship journey, I often receive feedback like this letter I received after giving a lecture to Ramat Gan municipality employees.

A letter of thanks and appreciation to Galit Zamler

The letter contents:

Subject: Letter of thanks and appreciation

We want to express our gratitude and great appreciation for coming to our staff meeting. You told us about the remarkable and special venture you founded and still lead today in Israel and worldwide - Entrepreneurship for Kids and Teenagers.

You are driven to make a positive contribution to children and teenagers in Israel and around the world, to raise the next generation. We were greatly impressed by your initiative and contribution to the community and the world. You inspire and earn tremendous respect with your extraordinary personality, the fire in your eyes, your patriotic spirit, charm, modesty, and energy.

We enjoyed, learned, and benefited. Well done!

With deep appreciation, the staff of the Ramat Gan Center for Domestic Violence Treatment and Prevention

International Activity and Recognition

Galit participated in an international webinar on empowering young people through innovation. The webinar was attended by representatives from the USA, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

international webinar on empowering young people through innovation atteneded by Galit Zamler

Certificate of appreciation from the Women Tech Network for assisting technological women worldwide in developing their careers.

Galit Zamler received a certificate of appreciation for her contribution to the advancement of women in high-tech

Galit is part of the Global Innovation Field Trip team. The GIFT Team is made up of individuals from around the world who give their time to support and promote youth innovation in all its forms.

Since Galit joined GIFT, she takes an active part in the quarterly 24-hour live events. She has already received several certificates, including this one, in appreciation of her contribution.

Galit Zamler is part of GIFT to encourage entrepreneurship among children and youth from all over the world.

Since 2010, Galit has been promoting Global Entrepreneurship Week in educational institutions in Israel and is actively participating in this week's events.

Galit Zamler speaker at the Global Entrepreneurship Week event

In a meeting with German parliamentarians who came to learn about her entrepreneurial story and about Israel as a startup nation.

Galit in a meeting with members of parliament from Germany

Galit meets with delegations of Mashav, an agency of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and talk to them about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Galit Zamler speaker Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Organizing international hackathons in person and virtually.

Galit Zamler leads international hackathons in person and virtually

Taking part in international entrepreneurship events.

Galit Zamler takes part in nternational entrepreneurship events

Speaking to students in India

Galit Zamler a guest speaker to students in India

Speaking to Birthright Israel delegations to inspire and connect them with the country

Galit Zamler is speaking to Birthright Israel delegations to inspire and connect them with the country

Feel free to to follow Galit Zamler on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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