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Schools Take Part in the Global Entrepreneurship Week
By: Galit Zamler

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Since 2010, the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program has taken an active part in the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Israeli schools.

During GEW, entrepreneurs are invited to primary, junior, and high schools across Israel to share what inspired them to start their own start-up and to open young students' eyes to the opportunities offered by the entrepreneurial path.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is held during the third week of November every year.
The week consists of thousands of meetings, workshops, and other activities all over the world to promote personal, social, and business entrepreneurship.

This week is sponsored by many of the world's leading entrepreneurs.

The goals of the week include exposing the youth to the concept of entrepreneurship and creating models to be applied in various sectors and situations.

Throughout the week, active entrepreneurs take part to inspire, educate and guide a new generation of entrepreneurs and inventors, and to actively recruit key figures and policy makers to encourage entrepreneurship as a means of changing and enhancing equality in society.

The GEW is celebrated in Israel through various activities taking place around the country. Galit Zamler, the founder of the EFK program, assists schools and encourages them to mark this week.

In honor of the GEW 2018, Galit Zamler made this presentation: The Start-up Nation, More Than a Hundred Developments, Inventions, and Successes.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022

Around 200 countries celebrate GEW between 14-20/11, and Israel is one of them.

During this week, many events are taking place to promote the entrepreneurship path and encourage young people to choose it.

In honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022, Galit Zamler has prepared a clip with colleagues from around the world.

We invite you to watch this and share it with your students.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021

Around 180 countries around the world will celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week during November 8-14, 2021.

Here are a few suggestions for this week and the rest of the year:

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020

180 countries around the world marked the Global Entrepreneurship Week between 15-22 of November.

In Israel, too, as every year, schools celebrated this week with a variety of events, lectures by guest entrepreneurs, workshops, and inspiring entrepreneurship classes.

This year, subject to Corona restrictions, all the events were online.

After years in which Galit Zamler has encouraged schools to mark this week, this year, for the first time that the number of events was so great that Galit Zamler no longer tracked and wrote about them. It is certainly a good reason for her to be pleased.

Galit Zamler, personality, has been invited to several schools as a guest lecturer.

She also conducted a major event during that week with two great women. This is a virtual hackathon for teenagers on the subject of health, medicine, and welfare. The hackathon was held over the Vickathon platform that Galit has developed.

A collection of photos from this week's events:

Virtual international hackathon for teenagers on HEALTH & SOCIAL IMPACT
Students in the Youth Entrepreneurship Course in China are participating in GEW
Ron Arad Middle School Global Entrepreneurship Week events
Galit Zamler at an online talk with students of Lahav ulpana
The Foreign Ministry's participants summarize the entrepreneurship course led by Galit Zamler
Students at Sadot School at an online guest entrepreneur lecture
A session about GEW2020 of Israel - China entrepreneurship course

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019

Israel and about 170 other countries marked the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019.

As in previous years, this year as well, schools celebrated a week of inspiration, creativity, and motivation.

This year, EFK Vietnam joined Israeli students and held events throughout the week.

The schools that marked this week:

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018

Schools in Israel who have been exposed to the EFK Program celebrated the week of entrepreneurship in a variety of events.

Click to read in detail about all the events that took place in schools during GEW2018.

List of Israeli schools that took part in GEW2018:

A clip summarizing the events of GEW 2018 in schools (in Hebrew):

International Entrepreneurship Week 2017

The Global Entrepreneurship Week was marked on November 12th-19th, 2017.

What happened during GEW2017 in schools?

- Guest entrepreneurs came to schools and told the students how their idea was born, how the environment reacted, what they did to make the concept a reality, the difficulties they encountered on the way, the stage they are in today, and plans for the future. Also, the entrepreneurs answered the students' questions.

- SpaceIL volunteers shared with the students the efforts to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon, and send photographs to Earth.

- Students searched for information about entrepreneurs and projects that interested them and talked about them in the classrooms.

- The older students sat with the young ones and identified needs and problems, and from there, they thought about ideas for projects that meet these needs.

- Entrepreneurship classes were being held in all schools that teach entrepreneurship.

- For the first time, a Jewish school in the US, The Hebrew Academy, took part in this week, learned about Israel as an innovative state, and heard about the SpaceIL project from Ofer Forer.

- Schools held ceremonies, plays, and performances on entrepreneurship as part of the opening or closing of the week.

- Students participated in Hackathons where they experienced the entrepreneurial process

- And other activities - they are all detailed on the GEW2017 page.

Schools that marked the GEW 2017, in alphabetical order:

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016

GEW 2016 took place on the 13th-20th of November.

The Entrepreneurship for Kids Program encourages schools to participate in activities that foster an entrepreneurial mindset among students.

Below is a list of schools which celebrated this 2016 GEW:

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015

International Entrepreneurship Week 2015 took place on the 15th-22nd of November 2015.

For the past few years, the EFK Program has encouraged Israeli schools to take part in this week and expose their students to entrepreneurs from various disciplines, who speak about their entrepreneurial path.

The students find the lectures very interesting and receive a close-up view of how entrepreneurs come up with ideas and deal with challenges, successes, and failures along the way.

The EFK Program does its best to recruit guest entrepreneurs.

Below is a list of schools that took part in GEW 2015:

Read about Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 events in Israeli schools.

A certificate of appreciation was given to Galit Zamler for her work in encouraging the activities in schools.

A certificate of appreciation

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014

To read about the various lectures, lessons, and activities that took place in schools under the encouragement of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, please go to the page Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014.

Galit Zamler takes this chance to thank all of the guest entrepreneurs who participated as volunteer lecturers for sharing their entrepreneurial experience with the students and inspiring them.

Galit also wants to thank the managers of the SpaceIL, the Israeli spaceship project, for their cooperation and recruitment of volunteers who shared their vision with school students and spoke about the first Israeli spacecraft to land on the moon.

The following are the schools that marked this week:

At the end of GEW 2014, Galit Zamler made a slideshow to showcase pictures of the events:

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013

To view all the events held in schools on GEW 2013, click on this link.

GEW events held in schools

The Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, as always, urged schools to take part in activities, lectures, and events during GEW.

Galit Zamler organized a week of lectures about entrepreneurship in collaboration with entrepreneurs in various fields, and with SpaceIL.

Schools that hosted the speakers:

Galit Zamler appreciates and would like to thank all the partners and entrepreneurs who arrived this week to schools and inspired the young students. We all wish them great success on their way.

Read bout the guest entrepreneurs on the GEW 2013 page.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012

To read about the various ceremonies, lectures, and activities that took place during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012, click here.

Several schools took part in GEW 2012 with the support of the EFK Program:

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011

Click to read about the events that took place during GEW 2011 in cooperation with Galit Zamler.

Three schools celebrated GEW2011 with Mrs. Zamler's support:

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010

In 2010, the Kaplan school in Petah-Tikva was the first school to take part in the Global Entrepreneurship Week with the cooperation of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program.

To read more, click the following link: Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010.

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