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Reviews and Recommendations of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program
By Galit Zamler

Recommendations, Thanks and Reviews on the Program

On this page, you will find testimonials, recommendations, and letters of school principals, teachers, parents, students, guest entrepreneurs, and others on the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program (EFK) and Galit Zamler's activities.

Testimonials of teachers, school principals, and others

Yitzhak Navon School Institutional Training

Galit Zamler led an institutional training course at the "Yitzhak Navon" school in Shoham. At the end of the course, the school director, Vered Biali, wrote this:

"Deciding on the uniqueness of a school which seeks to educate future generations on entrepreneurship stems from its recognition of the many changes in the Israeli economy and worldwide development which have happened in recent decades.

Out of a desire to promote education for entrepreneurship, we contacted entrepreneur Mrs. Galit Zamler. She developed a program for schools that taught the entrepreneurial process.

Component exposure of the entrepreneurial process and the use of the entrepreneur's skills were more suited to learning functions required to teach and evaluate the operation of the Ministry of Education. They were also a significant element in the training of the school staff.

Exposure to the skills helped clarify aspects required for the citizens of tomorrow and was integrated into curricula and lesson plans. They played an essential role in several classes - helping to promote individual and whole class entrepreneurial processes.

When it comes to Mrs. Galit Zamler's guidance, there was full cooperation and discussions about the school's various needs. We accomplished this through respectful suggestions and responses. We thank Mrs. Galit and look forward to more relevant, stimulating, and practical instruction.

I recommend her work.

Best regards.
Vered Biali,
School director at Yitzhak Navon"

The deputy director and coordinator of the course Vered Grafi summed up the process in this way:

"I enjoyed the course because we found the content relevant to both the school life and the school vision which we redefined this year. It is also relevant for life outside the school.

These encounters provoked much thought. Not only for myself, but also for the students.

The program's content and skills were both compatible with the learning functions we're required to teach. Each naturally entered the course curriculum and the daily discourse.

We received an excellent toolbox as well, through the presentations and modules.

We had first hand experience with the modules and took them as they were to teach the students.

Teaching the modules was enjoyable.

On a personal note, as the coordinator of the course, I want to thank you for your cooperation, wonderful investment, and your kind approach and responses to our needs.

Best regards,

The presentation contains school staff reflections:

The A.D Gordon School in Kfar Saba

About two years ago, Galit Zamler led a training course for teachers at the A.D Gordon School under the leadership of Gila Ben Yosef.

In light of personnel changes in the school staff, it was decided on another training on entrepreneurship education, this time led by the school principal, and Galit Zamler taught in a few sessions.

Teacher Tal Tabib, who was participating both then and this year in the course wrote this:

"I see great importance in entrepreneurial education. In the 21st century, entrepreneurial skills are important for success in any field.

As part of the program, the children learned about original entrepreneurial ideas, looked for an original idea of their own for the project that would meet a need/problem, learned to identify opportunities, plan, take responsibility, set goals and achieve them, gather relevant information, persuade, believe in themselves, speak to an audience, perform calculations, be wise consumers, solve problems, be creative, work as a team, develop social skills and especially develop thinking.

On a personal level, I have seen that entrepreneurship education is meaningful to the child's empowerment, precisely the students who have difficulty learning were those who have succeeded in entrepreneurial greatly and demonstrated creativity.

Some of the groups worked amazingly as a perfect machine, with wonderful teamwork, cooperation, understanding, almost no need for help, but just guidance.

On the other hand, some of them had difficulties, disagreements, were hurt when their opinions were not accepted, faced crises when they blocked their emails. There were those who thought of going to another team, but finally, like any good end, all teams without exception, overcome all the difficulties and pitfalls, reached understandings, compromise, and everything went well.

Success is the process they have undergone and not necessarily the product, the journey is no less important than the goal!

On the personal level, for me it was the second time I participated in this course, so it was quite adequate, but the new teachers had a lot of background missing, which I completed throughout the year.

Sometimes I really feel like working with you and leading different schools to entrepreneurship. I believe in the importance of the program very much.

Even though I have already received the highest level possible from the Ministry of Education, I find myself writing this work ...And I wonder if the affection for the topic, its importance and its contribution to the development, are what motivate me.

There were moments when I felt that I was running a high-tech company in terms of everything: an executive summary, business card design, presentations, market survey, group CEO, emails to companies and investors, marketing, confidentiality agreement from an attorney, everything they did on their own, dreamed, wrote and produced.

Both the parents and the students were amazed at the outcome of the initiatives. In my class they produced 10 initiatives.

It wasn't easy at such a young age, but they came out of their way to succeed.

Their motivation stems from the content that was conveyed in an experiential and meaningful way, by the presentations you sent us.

Dear Galit, keep spreading your light in many.

I recommend trying to put your program into the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.

A pleasant vacation, many thanks for the support and guidance throughout the year.


The EFK program in China and Hong Kong

An entrepreneurship program for children in China and Hong Kong

Starting in August 2018, the EFK program is taught also in Hong Kong and China. In light of the development of entrepreneurship skills and the children developing projects of different kinds, the representatives of MY WAY company wrote:

"The work process in China was incredibly interesting. The children, which were first shocked, progressed and changed slowly, and allowed themselves and their imagination to be released. The best evidence for that is the projects they created.

For almost the first time in their life, they were given the opportunity to take off with their creative ideas, think outside of the box, dare to dream, and to execute their ideas professionally and thoroughly.

The children said that before the course they couldn't believe in the power of children to change the world, and added that the course made them want to continue doing and making big things."

"Bechor Levi" School in Rehovot

The "Bechor Levi" school in Rehovot, under the management of Yafit Narbat, allows students to choose an annual enrichment course in the "Academon" framework.

One of the courses offered to the students is an "Invitation to Invention", based on the Entrepreneurship Program for Kids.

The teacher, Mali Ben Simhon, led the entrepreneurship course for fifth and sixth graders, where they learned several modules from the entrepreneurship program.

Teacher Rivka Cohen led the entrepreneurship course for third and fourth graders. Their course focused on exposing students to entrepreneurial skills, identifying each child's personal strengths, and developing inventions.

The two teachers received professional guidance from Galit Zamler and wrote at the end of the year:

"Dear Galit,

During the year, I met with students every Friday who chose to take an entrepreneurship course. In this program, I taught about entrepreneur skills.

Personally, I've been very connected to the subject of study, and so are the children of the group. I have come to realize that these skills are not only for the entrepreneur, but are an integral part of each person's human skill.

The studies were very varied, including outdoor activities, videos, creations, discussions, group work, and more...

I enjoyed teaching this course not only because of the connection to the values of the course, but also because the program is rich, varied, and professional.

At the end of the course, students were asked to initiate an invention that meets a need or a problem. I enjoyed seeing the students thinking and researching solutions that meet people's needs and the problems they are exposed to. After they found a problem, they built a model of the invention.

On the day of presenting the products, the parents enjoyed seeing their children standing in front of an audience and presenting their invention. They thanked me for the values and life skills that the students had acquired in the course. It is clear that the students themselves experienced a sense of ability and initiative.

One of my students is very shy, and I was surprised to see her standing in front of an audience and explaining the invention. Such progress was worth everything!!

At the beginning of the year, I got to know a charming person. You are a special personality, always responding to every question and request and all with great respect and giving.

Thanks for the support and availability!!

Galit, I wish you great success in the future and wish every school to undergo such a process.

With great respect and appreciation,


A letter of appreciation to Galit Zamler for the guidance on entrepreneurship

"Dear Galit,

I wanted to say a huge thank you for your warm attitude, patience, caring, and understanding.

I was very pleased to learn and teach the entrepreneurship course. I learned a lot of new things and I was introduced to a world that I had not been exposed to before.

The students also went through a process in which they acquired knowledge, learned to know themselves and their abilities, and all these thanks to the course that is gradually built and adapted to the needs of the children.

Wishing you many successes later in your path of integrity.

Thanks Mali"

Thank you letter to Galit Zamler for developing an entrepreneurial course for children

Teachers and Educators at the Ramot Weizmann School in Yavne

The entire school staff participated in an institutional training course led G. Zamler over the year called "meaningful learning - functional learning in entrepreneurship education.

The entire school staff participates in an entrepreneurial course led by Galit Zamler

While administering the course, the teachers expressed their satisfaction from the value provided and, at the end of the course, teachers submitted a summary in which they also wrote reflections on the process of the study and its contribution.

Here are some highlights:

Michal Dorevitz, math teacher

"As part of this institutional course that I received from you, Galit, were tools for deepening entrepreneurship in education.

During the training, we placed emphasis on building a program with our students, which led them to a process in which they experienced significant entrepreneurial learning, including relevance to the learner.

This was done over the year by nurturing entrepreneurial children and provided them with learning time to develop various functions, such as cognitive functioning, cognitive meta-functioning, and interpersonal functioning.

Thank you for a challenging, interesting study which contributed greatly to me personally and strengthened my belief that "nothing stands in the way of your will", and that there is no child who can not initiate and succeed!!"

Adi Ben Moshe, third-grade educator

"I'm a veteran teacher at the school and I have studied entrepreneurship frequently.

Every year, we progress in the field of entrepreneurship and this creates great interest, curiosity, and anticipation toward the process that I lead.

This year, I am teaching third grade and I was worried about how I would manage to lead these young children in entrepreneurial thinking.

When we started, I saw that the subject was very interesting to the students and they asked many questions of interest and curiosity. I found that the children were much smarter than I thought. They were amazing, came up with great ideas, and showed creativity throughout the process.

In addition to the electric circuit products, students have been able to offer additional initiatives in various fields. One group built a learning site called "Theology" - a site that encourages the repeat and practice of learning material in an experiential way. I was filled with pride that the group's students presented the site at the school conference as well as the delegation's visit, which was the appropriate termination of the process and its climax.

Your Entrepreneurial Education program has helped me a lot during lessons. Thanks to your program, the lessons were structured in an organized manner, step by step, which makes learning very easy.

Also, the weekly hour in the curriculum was very important. The students waited in great anticipation for this lesson and the learning was both meaningful and enjoyable.

I enjoyed watching the learning process that the students went through and the sparkle in their eyes as they stood in front of the guests and presented the wonderful products they created. There is no doubt that the learning has been relevant and empowering for the students and for me as a teacher."

Teacher Lilach Alpenbein, third-grade educator:

"I wanted to thank you again for your availability, relaxed nature, and lessons that made everything more accessible.

Thank you and good luck."

Adi Ganz Mizrachi, second-grade teacher

"Entrepreneurship is the "thing". Once we did not really know what the definition of the word and what it means. Today, it is a common term that is being used in every field.

When we chose a few years ago the uniqueness of the school, we began to research and explore, we read and impressed, we asked and learned, and while we were teaching the children, we also learned.

The course we have participated in this year has organized the materials for me and allowed me to focus on my work with the children.

Since I teach in the younger grades, I have always dealt with difficulties in explaining the concept of entrepreneurship to children. It was difficult for them to understand what was expected of them. The materials that Galit gave us during the training with her helped me greatly in communicating the subject to the children.

The final product was lovely and the children enjoyed the preparation stages very much... I really liked the part where I allowed the children to invent all sorts of things out of their imagination. One of my students even presented her idea-a table with hands that feed the baby. It excited me to see a student who has a lot of learning difficulties, standing in front of parents and explaining her initiative. It was worth everything...

Thank you, Galit for a meaningful learning. Adi"

Meirav Shitrit, second grade teacher

"This year, I took part in a training course on entrepreneurship that was different from the norm.

I was glad to meet you, Galit, and to get to know your materials and lesson plans, tailored to a specific age group.

Knowing you, using your website, and your mindset, encouraged us to believe in the students' abilities, to allow them and us to "dare" to think differently and get out of the box.

The institutional course gave us the opportunity to let children dream and share with us their personal initiatives, small and large, that come from their own world. I enjoyed this process with you, and appreciated your guidance and encouragement. There is no doubt that the students expressed themselves."

Hadar Deri, special education teacher

This is the first year I have been exposed to the subject of entrepreneurship from the theoretical to the execution.

The way in which the course was developed was good and effective for me to understand who is an entrepreneur and as well as to think about a need together with the children according to their age and ability.

The presentations helped greatly in organizing and planning because of the way they were written.

The children were full of motivation and raised ideas, some were relevant and some less, but the statement that led them throughout this project is that - anyone can!

This course expanded horizons and enabled children to feel like a mature entrepreneur on his/her way to inventing the initiative, planning, dreaming, experimenting, and producing a product.

The entrepreneurship program conveyed the message, and improved the personal belief of each student in himself and our belief as a team in them and in their ideas.

As a teacher of integration, I became very attached to all the motivational sentences that led the students act and to feel satisfied. The children expressed themselves in front of everyone, developed their ideas, worked in groups, and cooperated with one another.

The entrepreneurial program led to experiential learning, independent and positive thinking, sticking to the target, and self-belief that led to the students' empowerment."

Patricia Shimoni Cohen, fourth-grade teacher

"On a personal level, the course contributed to a more rigorous planning, a common language, professionalism, and time to observe the process.

In light of the writing of the work: It was eye-opening to analyze data by using the SWOT model; to see the "difficulties/threats" and the way we found creative solutions. We have all undergone significant processes that contributed to the success of the initiative.

And to you, dear Galit, thanks for the way, the professionalism, your guidance at the personal, classroom and school levels."

Shoshi Bar - 5th-grade educator, and deputy director:

As part of the training, we were given tools, both as entrepreneurs and as educators for entrepreneurship, to deepen the education for entrepreneurship and to create one language among our students. As well as to experience in practice with our own initiative, from formulating the team to thinking and building the vision until it is realized.

Galit, there is no doubt that your entrepreneurship program has greatly contributed to empowering our students and their belief that anyone can be an entrepreneur.

It is a process that can be taught and indeed with the help of your program, our students talk and think like entrepreneurs.

There is no doubt that we succeeded in internalizing the qualities of the entrepreneur thanks to your program. The course this year was a major learning experience for me and for my students."

Limor Heller, second-grade teacher

"For 13 years I have been a teacher at the Ramot Weizmann school, and when we started choosing the uniqueness of the school, it was difficult for me and unclear how to relate to the topic of entrepreneurship.

It was even harder for me to connect it and bring it to the students in the lower grades (grades 1-2) in which I teach.

Today, it is clear to me that our uniqueness is very important and is moving us forward towards accomplishing the goal of preparing students for the 21st century, and of creating independent learners...

This year, the education process of entrepreneurship has been much easier and clearer than in previous years due to several factors:

First, the dedicated time in the curriculum "Education for Entrepreneurship" had given me the ability to plan my time, lessons, and activities more efficiently. Thus, I was able to lead the students to our goals.

I have been using the presentations and lesson plans of Galit, the course facilitator, in a very productive and efficient way.

Secondly, the training with Galit really got me organized - It was more clear to me how to make the topic more accessible to young students and how to lead them in the right direction.

Third, it was easier for me to connect to the topic that we dealt with and guide the students.

To conclude, the work on the project was not easy, but definitely experiential and significant and at the end of the day, it is also satisfying and enriching.

At the end of the challenging process, the children presented amazing, creative, and interesting products that showed us that there is no limit to where you can go with imagination, creativity, and a lot of faith in yourself and in your own way. I felt great pride in the children and their products, and I felt that I had learned a lot from them and from the training."

Dikla Ramot, 3rd-grade teacher

"At the beginning of the year, when we were told that our institutional course was Entrepreneurship for Children, I thought that I knew how to make it interesting for the students because I was involved in research and entrepreneurship at the previous school where I taught. Also, along the two years at this school, I have been dealing with research and entrepreneurship for seven years.

From the first sessions of the course, I realized that my knowledge was limited compared to what you can learn and teach the children...

To sum up the learning process in entrepreneurship, it can be said that the process was structured, organized, neat, and productive thanks to the course, which guided us all year-round, thanks to the focus of the chosen topic.

The training helped to organize and lead the entrepreneurship project by providing guidance during the year.

It was a very interesting and challenging training course, and I finish it with a lot of materials that I have used and will use in the future. Thanks!!"

Racheli Cohen, special education teacher

This is my third year at the Ramot Weizmann School. The issue of entrepreneurship has stood out as a major issue in the school from the very beginning and I really felt connected to the school's approach to entrepreneurship, which gives room for children's ideas and adapts itself to the modern world.

In the entrepreneurship classes, the children were fascinated. They raised ideas, listened to each other, split up in anticipation to groups, and planned and created two products of their own. This made them very proud.

The climax was at the Entrepreneurship Conference. I saw them rising above themselves and expressing the knowledge they had acquired proudly in front of other students, parents, staff, and the mayor. And I was left to watch them and smile from the sidelines.

Bat Chen Horowitz, educator of fifth grade

"I have been in entrepreneurship for seven years and I have finally received tools about how to take the entrepreneur's skills and connect them to a child's world. These lesson plans make the concepts tangible, while creating cooperation between the children and helping them to motivate themselves.

... During the conference, the children showed maturity. They stood up and presented the projects just like older students. There's no doubt that education for entrepreneurship that starts at a young age can contribute to the self-confidence of the students and helps develop their imagination and creativity.

As a teacher that teaches entrepreneurial education, the way of teaching this topic contributes to adds interest in my work. I feel that I am expanding my horizons and creating interest and relevance to the students."

Dafna Levi, English teacher:

"For years, we have been learning to teach in a certain way, now we are required to teach differently, and you come and show us that it is possible.

Unlike other courses, the meetings held there are much more hands on. Everything is very orderly and structured, and it helps us implement the program in classrooms. I think that moving the students through this process makes them think creatively."

Teacher Yifat Cherniavsky, Math teacher:

"I love the fact that we need to explain to students that most projects fail and that it is okay to fail. When you understand it, it prepares you mentally so that, if a failure occurs, it will not bring you down.

The entrepreneurship program held in the school raised the level of differential work in maths in the school.

Thanks to the program, many more students were exposed to the learning material and worked on it much more active, and so contributed more than usual.

The learning process was much more meaningful and engaging for them. The program even contributed to our work as teachers, by helping us expand the learning tools with students.

I feel that this year opened up a lot of options for me from a professional and mental standpoint, which is really what entrepreneurship is about."

At the end of the training course Galit wrote:

"The institutional training program at "Ramot Weizmann" elementary school was completed.

I had the privilege of getting to know a professional, attentive staff who aspires to give his students the best and who implements multi-disciplinary entrepreneurship education well."

Galit Zamler trains teachers in an institutional training teachers training in entrepreneurship

MASHAV - The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

MASHAV - Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation, hosted a delegation of educators at different levels from Latin America.

Galit Zamler organized and accompanied the delegation on a visit to the Ramot Weizmann School in Yavne, and during a visit to Novus, the Entrepreneurship Center at the College of Management. Galit also taught the members of the delegation the subject of entrepreneurship education in an experiential workshop.

Damian Filut, the organizer of the delegation wrote:

"Shalom Galit,

Last week, the students returned to their countries and officially we completed the course.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your participation in the international course of "Innovation and entrepreneurship in education".

Our students were impressed by the Israeli model, the attitude, and professionalism. They expressed their high satisfaction and send you thanks and blessings.

Your participation was so enriching and provided a comprehensive answer to the burning questions on various subjects. Your work is a model to be imitated and admired.

Personally, I would like to thank you for your support and help with arranging such an enriching and interesting visits.


Damian Filut,

Deputy director"

A letter of appreciation to Galit Zamler following a visit by a delegation of educators

Hebrew Academy School in Miami Beach, Florida

The Entrepreneurship program was taught in two elective courses at the Hebrew Academy, headed by Rabbi Avi Bossewitch, Dean of Academics and Innovation.

Teacher Chani Richmond led one entrepreneurship group and teachers Angie Lopez and Javier Gonzalez co-taught another elective STEAM entrepreneurship.

At the end of the course, the teacher Chani wrote: "It was an educational and eye-opening experience teaching your Entrepreneurship For Kids (EFK) Curriculum to the students at the Hebrew Academy! Thank you, Galit Zamler for your mentorship and expertise!"

A review on an entrepreneurship program for children

Foreign Ministry Training Center

In November 2017, a delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of leading educators from developing countries visited the Sadot School.

After a particularly successful visit, the delegation participated in a workshop with Galit Zamler on the subject of developing an entrepreneurial mindset in K-12 Students.

a workshop by Galit Zamler on the subject of entrepreneurship education within the school

Yudith Rosenthal, director of the 'Mashav' agency in Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, wrote:


An international training named "Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Education System" ended a week and a half ago (Nov. 12, 2017 - Dec. 1, 2017) and I would like to thank you for an enriching, empowering, and educating cooperation throughout the entire training.

The training's aim was to nurture an outline for both planning and implementing a module of teaching-learning - assessment processes amongst key position educators (Teachers and school principals, teacher educators, academics, and policy makers). Those processes were based on successful and innovative modules, which are learned during the course.

Our students encountered various topics: Israel's unique work module, a wide range of existing activities and experiences in which both students and teachers take part, unique projects, unique pedagogical processes amongst the students and the teachers, a research module which the students get to know from a young age, the incredible ability and independence of the students in the system, quality of educational activity, and the rich variety and possibilities of the curriculum's content.

Your activity was enlightening, precise, and full of thought-provoking insights on possibly required improvements or changes. Encountering these materials, as well as the ideas behind the processes and activities got the participants excited and filled them with ideas and challenges.

Your work sets an example for humanity: valuable and professional work, that both nurtures and develops a meaningful, innovative, and relevant education consisting of inspiring, successful, innovative, groundbreaking, and unique modules to assist meaningful learning through experimenting, independence, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Our students gained from the training in Israel and asked to pass on their gratitudes and warm regards.

On behalf of A.Ofri center, 'Mashav', and Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible cooperation.

All the best,

Yudith Rosenthal,
Director at Mashav"

A letter of appreciation to Galit Zamler for hosting a delegation of educators

A member of the delegation, Tram Anh, shared how the workshop and the visit affected him:

"I am Tram Anh, from Vietnam. I was one of the members of Mashav group that attended your workshop at Sadot school earlier this week.

Your workshop and the visit at the school inspired me so much, provoke my mind to a great level...

I totally believe that I can and will apply your program to my daughters and other kids in Vietnam."

Be'eri School

Galit Zamler has been accompanying Be'eri school for the past three years. Since the school chose the uniqueness of entrepreneurship education, and after training the teachers in the third year, Galit received the following letter:

The teaching staff undergo training in entrepreneurship studies The school's leading staff undergoes training in entrepreneurship

"Dear Galit,

We want to thank and cherish all your doings and professional work during the construction of a teaching program about entrepreneurship.

It is worth noting that the teachers' team has also learned something new and enjoyed transferring our new knowledge to our students in an experiential, original, and very interesting fashion.

Thank you is a beautiful thing to say and its meaning is monumental.

A word with value - that is the meaning of gratitude.

So, from the bottom of our heart passed today is interesting s we would like to say thank you,

Amalia and the entire family of "Be'eri" school."

Evaluation letter on entrepreneurship education

During the sessions, the teachers, each in her own way, expressed their appreciation for the training and the materials taught:

"Dear Galit,

The meeting opened my eyes. You brought ideas, games, creativity.

The lessons are very structured, interesting, adapted for the younger generation, and are also useful for the adults.

Well done!

Yael Lix"

Teacher Osnat wrote:

"Within your name lies the word "gal" (wave), and today I have been flooded with huge waves of giving and openings of the heart.

Infinite knowledge...

Hearing you today allowed me to discover the desires of my heart.

Many heartfelt thanks for the variety of suggestions, the wisdom, and the opening of a wide door to the entrepreneurial world...

Bless you and wish you the feeling of satisfaction in your work.

Well done!


Mitzpe Yamim School

A training meeting for the school staff on entrepreneurship

The teachers of the "Mizpe Yamim" school in Ashkelon participated in three training sessions on the subject of entrepreneurship education in the school from theory to practice.

At the end of each session, the school principal, Yaffa Elouz, asked the teachers: "What did everyone take from the meeting?"

Here are some of the teachers' answers:

"I found out about many innovations and developments that I didn't know existed. It enlightened me".

"The material presented stimulates thought, gives ideas for us teachers, and strengthens the feeling that there is no limit to entrepreneurship."

"The knowledge that was passed on today will be interesting for the children, because it is relevant to their world."

"If I didn't know where to begin teaching entrepreneurship in the classroom, I know now."

"This meeting is really about making entrepreneurship education from theory to practice and, suddenly, we better understand what we are teaching the students."

"The encounter today made me understand that any idea can be accepted. Also, this type of thinking is groundbreaking."

"The material we have been exposed to today relates to situations we didn't think would be technologically possible, and now we are talking about the near future."

"The encounter today makes you think at home and in every situation about how I can change, how I can make things around me more efficient, and how to encourage creative thinking with regard to the environment."

"My conclusion is that entrepreneurial thinking is something that can be developed."

"Until today, I have never felt connected to entrepreneurship, but suddenly I feel that I belong; suddenly things become understandable and it seems to me that entrepreneurship can be challenging but also interesting."

"I got a broad picture of what entrepreneurship is; I want to create floor games at school."

"You instilled me with the entrepreneurial spirit and energies of entrepreneurship. I take it upon myself to market the activities and initiatives of the students in all classes so that they will be exposed and will also want to initiate."

"I did not believe a teacher could be in such a place as just a guide. This is the first time that I have experienced it."

"You exposed us to amazing things. I learned at every encounter new things I had not known before."

Yad Giora junior High School

In accordance with the decision of Ronit Cohen Matot, principal of the Yad Giora Junior High school in Herzliya, and in cooperation with the Chairman of the Parents' Committee, three 7th grade classes took part in entrepreneurship and economic thinking studies. They were under the guidance of an external advisor, Mr. Ze'ev Schneider.

The students developed projects and some even won a regional competition put on by the Ministry of Education, called "Move yourself".

At the end of the year, the principal wrote:

"In the Yad Giora Junior High school in Herzliya, we began teaching 'Entrepreneurship and Economic Thinking' this year.

The subject is part of additional elective subjects that are taught at our school and, this year, the seventh graders studied it for two hours each week.

I would like to mention Mrs. Galit Zamler's help in promoting the subject to the school.

We asked for Galit's help and she did so in a courteous and professional manner. We also learned a number of teaching methods on the subject and collaborated with her throughout the year.

I hope that the subject will continue to develop in our school. I highly recommend a professional collaboration with Galit Zamler.

Best regards,
Ronit Cohen Matot
Junior High school principal"

Photocopy of the letter:

A school principal's letter about the entrepreneurial program

Mr. Ze'ev Schneider, leader of the program at Yad Giora Junior High school, concluded the process at the end of the 2016-2017 academic year and sent this letter:

"June 11, 2017

Dear readers,

This year we have started to teach our entrepreneurship and financial thinking program in Yad Giora Junior High in Herzliya.

The program was taught to 7th graders, who discovered the intriguing world of entrepreneurship, based on Galit Zamler's program.

The students studied entrepreneurship, reviewed business and social ventures in Israel and abroad, and were enriched by interesting lectures by various entrepreneurs at the top of their respective fields, such as Ran Ne'eman, Amir Raveh, Ronit Meiri, and Nira Miorchik.

During the year, the program participants planned a creative project, built a model, and created a marketing video that described the nature of the project and its contribution to society.

The highlight of the year was the participation in the Ministry of Education's 'Move Yourself' project in the - Tel Aviv District. This is a competition for social projects created by youth, for which the students received certificates of appreciation for a social, ethical, creative, innovative, and/or technological initiatives.

Much of the success of the program is due to the division director, Ronit Cohen Matot, who initiated it and personally accompanied it throughout the year. Her support greatly contributed to the students' success.

The program participants contributed greatly to the content they learned and I am sure that they will use the tools they received in the future.

Best regards,

Ze'ev Schneider"

Attached Ze'ev's letter

In view of the satisfaction of all those involved in the junior high school, it was decided to continue the entrepreneurship studies through our entrepreneurship curriculum for kids in the next school year, this time in grades 7 and 8.

A.d. Gordon Elementary School in Kfar Saba

The entire staff of the school participated in education in entrepreneurship training.

The 5th and 6th graders' teachers also taught classes in entrepreneurship throughout the year.

The students raised ideas for projects and some of them were implemented using models.

The learning process was concluded at a school event called the "Entrepreneurs Convention" to which the mayor of Kfar Saba, parents, and educators were all invited.

As part of the training, the teachers, which worked in teams, planned their own projects, and after completing the course they wrote reflections. Here is a selection of quotes written by the teachers:

Teacher Moran:

"The joint activity was new and refreshing for me, because I worked with people whom I do not get to work with on a regular basis.

The ideas each brought were fascinating and, in the end, we created something that we all agree could see it happening in the near future.

The idea of developing online challenge and thinking games with the students and integrating this with community activity connects greatly to my education agenda, especially as the social coordinator of the school, a role in which I constantly think about how to integrate school activities in the community and how to contribute to it meaningfully.

As we have noted in the submitted summary, each of the parties has benefited from the process and such entrepreneurial activity assures us that we are molding citizens who will integrate well into the community; citizens who see others' needs and evolve in directions that fit them. We hope to be able to integrate our own ideas into the "Entrepreneurship Greenhouse" program that we have started this year.

The school course on entrepreneurship helped me a lot. I received practical tools that helped me throughout the journey with my class (6th grade) and even in general school activities as a social coordinator."

Teacher Liron:

"As part of the course, I was exposed to a fascinating new field.

I understand how entrepreneurial competencies are important and significant to success in life and, with them, we can empower and encourage students to progress and succeed in areas that are interesting and intriguing to them.

Currently, education for entrepreneurship from an early age is a very relevant subject for students in particular and for the Israeli (and global) economy in general.

During the course, I gained knowledge and experience in the fields of management and entrepreneurship. I also acquired practical tools in the field.

In my opinion, every teacher is a kind of entrepreneur, and, as such, has to learn how to set goals and achieve them, to think independently, to identify opportunities and potentials, to take responsibility, to be creative, and so forth. Therefore, this training is important and effective for both teachers and students.

The learning in the course and the writing of the summary work included a brainstorming session that strengthened the teachers' teamwork and even brought us closer.

We were exposed to important concepts from the business world, such as a business plan, product life, intellectual property, intelligent consumerism, etc.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Galit Zamler for a fascinating, professional, important, and thought-provoking course."

Teacher Adi:

"During the 'Education for Entrepreneurship' course, we introduced the concept of entrepreneurship. We learned about the abilities, skills, and professions that the entrepreneur has, and is required to have, in order to find opportunities that can be realized.

We also dealt with the term entrepreneurial thinking, which consists of the entrepreneur's varied thinking abilities (such as creative thinking, critical thinking, and flexible thinking) and presented the conditions required for an entrepreneurial process (a complex process of realizing an idea and putting it into practice).

The teachers' training in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education enabled us to acquire entrepreneurial skills that are important for everyone in today's world.

The idea of entrepreneurial education is based on the concept of entrepreneurship, which is characterized by the ability to analyze and change situations and the ability to create new situations.

The nurturing of entrepreneurship involves developing the student's intellectual independence, encouraging creativity, innovation, and a sense of responsibility and them encouraging him to put ideas into practice.

At the end of imparting the theoretical knowledge in the framework of the course, we were asked to divide into teams of 5-6 teachers and develop an entrepreneurial program together with the aim of formulating an idea and trying to turn it into reality.

After intense brainstorming, we formulated an idea for an initiative that proposes the development and implementation of a comprehensive gender and sexuality education program.

We as a group, and I individually, recognized that there is a real need for such a program.

The meetings on education for entrepreneurship that took place every few weeks in the teachers' room contributed a great deal to me, both at the collective level (as a teacher at the Gordon School, who took an active part in a children's entrepreneurship program last year, which aims to encourage entrepreneurship education from an early age) and on a personal level (as someone who aspires to make a change and make a mark by realizing an idea).

During the course, I learned new concepts that enriched my personal knowledge of entrepreneurship.

In addition, I experienced and witnessed the students develop amazing ideas and products as part the of entrepreneurship classes.

Finally, the work that we were asked to submit at the end of the course connected all the edges for me and enabled me to initiate and promote an idea that I believe in and would be happy to help shape and integrate into various educational frameworks throughout Israel.

As a teacher, I believe that this program has the potential to train the next generation of students, teachers, and managers to be entrepreneurs.

The reality of life today and the dynamic world in which we live, obligates the educational institutions to ensure a relevant curriculum for its learners. Therefore, I see it as of central importance to engage in entrepreneurship education.

I am confident that this process, which I began and experienced during the past year, will give me practical tools to use to foster entrepreneurial skills in my current and future students, empowering them and creating a learning environment that will generate initiatives both inside and outside the school."

Teacher Keren:

"As we got deeper into the course, I found myself more interested in searching for my points of contact with entrepreneurship as a teacher and educator.

Although these are small initiatives within the classroom, they can certainly be significant to those I teach.

When we first met to choose the subject for work, I was quiet at first because I did not believe that I could contribute to the formulation and writing of the initiative.

But, as the minutes passed, I felt myself being sucked into this important issue and contributing to the formulation of the initiative.

I enjoyed working with the teachers. Working in a team allows you to hear different opinions and to formulate the best initiative.

Moreover, in the process of writing the paper, I became familiar with the teachers in my team, who in daily life do not have too much interaction with them (each one works with different classes).

I think that the course and the writing of the initiative contributed greatly to my professional development and I will certainly use the knowledge and tools I have accumulated to advance the subject among my students and prepare them better for the future."

Teacher Shira:

"This work summarizes the training we conducted throughout the year on entrepreneurship. During the course, we were exposed to a great deal of knowledge about entrepreneurship, stages in the planning of and establishing a project, and the skills required of the entrepreneur.

Additionally, we acquired tools to lead a project in the classroom, put together ideas for various projects, and received inspiration from a variety of projects we were exposed to during the meetings.

As part of this work, we were asked to present the educational initiative chosen by the team members, after brainstorming about an initiative that will meet the needs of the education system.

The joint work process was productive and included a variety of different ideas until the formulation of the chosen initiative. The teamwork contributed greatly to both the advancement of the initiative and the deeper familiarity of the team members.

In my humble opinion, it is essential to teach the subject of entrepreneurship in the education system in order to develop among the students novel values and skills that will be used later in their lives as adult citizens.

In addition, the subject of entrepreneurship entails the learning of a different type of openness and creativity, from which both students and teachers contribute."

Teacher Inbal

"This paper is an outcome of an interesting and challenging process in entrepreneurship, which we went through in the past year.

Throughout the process, we were introduced to much information regarding entrepreneurship across several different levels, which listed below.

Level one included exposure to knowledge and ways of transferring it through an entrepreneurship course.

The second level included working with the class, leading the students to develop and present ventures, as well as writing a business plan.

Level three involved the writing of this paper, which required us to develop an original educational initiative.

The guidance we received during the course helped me to focus, to set goals, and to concentrate on the main issues.

At the class level, I felt that the lessons were aimed at developing and nurturing the students' potential and capabilities.

The guidelines encouraged us to be open minded allowing each student to make choices and encouraging independence. This led to an active entertaining learning process in which the students had great fun.

The teaching process was carried out in groups and one-on-one, which encourages independence and provides help and support.

For the students, the work environment in groups was creative, challenging, fruitful, empowering, and supported the realization the potential of each student.

The complete and meaningful process that the students have undergone throughout the year, through a meaningful experience in all the stages of implementing the initiative, the unique learning environment, and the perception of teaching as a personal guidance, empowering, challenging, and supportive, can be, in my opinion, a positive and optimal learning experience.

On the personal level, the process required dedicating time both for independent work and for group work. The latter was very experimental and positive in my eyes, but also required flexibility and compromise to overcome various constraints.

Moreover, throughout the writing of the work, I felt that the teamwork between us was good, so the joint writing process contributed greatly to me, both in terms of strengthening my teamwork skills and in terms of mutual enrichment."

Be'eri School in Netanya

During Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016, a training session was held for the staff of Be'eri primary school. At the end of it, this certificate was handed to Galit.

A certificate from the school at the end of the GEW

Dear Galit Zamler,

On behalf of all the teachers and students of Be'eri school,

We would like to thank you for guidance and support. You were very professional, challenging and pleasant.

We appreciate your willingness to help produce the "Global Entrepreneurship Week" event in our school and in inviting various entrepreneurs to lecture in front of our students.

We wish to continue this lucrative cooperation,

With great appreciation,

Amalia and the Be'eri family.

Ramot Weizmann Elementary School in Yavne

Amalia Swisa's letter, Ramot Weizmann school principal, from November 7, 2016:

"In honor of

Ms. Galit Zamler,

Re: Expressing thanks and appreciation

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation on behalf of myself and the educational staff for the support in implementing the school's identity in Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship.

Thanks to the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program that you have developed, our students speak and think like entrepreneurs.

You are attentive to any request and provide professional, objective, and promoting responses.

I have no doubt that you have had a substantial and significant part in developing our school's identity, and in integrating the entrepreneurship education with the community.

With great appreciation,
School principal Amalia Swisa,
and the educational staff."

school recommendation

In view of our satisfaction, and the need to specialize in educating the students in entrepreneurship, the school chose Galit Zamler to lead a training course for the teaching staff on the subject of "meaningful learning - functional learning in entrepreneurship education during the 2017-2018 academic year".

Katznelson Elementary School in Kfar-Sirkin

A letter from Lee Glick, a teacher at Katznelson school in Kfar Sirkin. She has been teaching entrepreneurial lessons based on the program syllabus to 6th-grade classes for the past two years.

May 24, 2016

"The Entrepreneurship for Kids Program is a necessary and essential program for our children's generation.

I have been teaching it at our elementary school to 6th graders for two years and I find it very important.

The children know about the program and eagerly await the lessons with excitement.

Since this generation is very curious and exposed to different areas of knowledge at the push of a button, even at a young age they should learn that they can contribute to the world and that they have a chance to do so as equals, regardless of religion, race, or gender, and, surprisingly, regardless of age as well.

Suddenly the children discover that they can be independent and delve into any field they want to and even make their mark. To help, to aid, to improve, to beautify...

Using the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, I show and prove that small children are also partners in great inventions and that this is another subject applicable in life, alongside other subjects the children are interested in and excel at.

The children learn to think in more permanently what can be improved, invented, upgraded for a better quality of life. Sometimes students approach me after we've covered a topic, and sometimes a year later, it's important for them to let me know that they had an idea for a new project, and this is very exciting.

After the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, children often feel like they are a part of society. They feel a sense of pride, hope, and belonging to a special nation that is responsible for many very successful inventions. We make sure to emphasize this fact and show students many examples of inventions throughout the program.

Mrs. Galit Zamler accompanies the teacher throughout the entire program and, in the past, has even visited the school to meet the next generations of inventors and hear their ideas. I wish the program a great success.

Lee Glick, Katznelson school in Kfar Sirkin."

recommendation letter from school

Ofira Navon Elementary School

Dana Ben-Shitrit, the moderator of the entrepreneurship group of Ofira Navon school in Kfar Saba, began teaching groups of 5th and 6th graders the entrepreneurship course in hopes of initiating projects.

After experiencing the entrepreneurship curriculum for kids, Dana wrote her impressions in a charming email:

"I sat down, transfixed for two hours at the computer and read every single line of the documents you sent me, thirsty for more. Hat's off to you for the worthwhile and professional investment,? she said.

Chapeau for the professionalism

Hebrew Reali Elementary School

The teacher, Keren Mizrahi from The Reali School in Haifa, taught a group of 4th graders the entrepreneurship subject, accompanied by the lesson plans of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program.

This is Keren's letter after a productive year with projects, ideas, an industrial company visit, and a presentation of one of the projects to its executives. Keren and her students were overjoyed by the program and its results.

"My name is Keren and in for the last year, I was an instructor of a Young Entrepreneurs group which was founded at The Reali School in Haifa.

It was the first project for all of us so we experienced great excitement throughout the entire process.

I remember the meeting with Galit, in a cafe in Tel-Aviv, where she demonstrated to us what we needed to try and teach our students as well as how effectively teach them about entrepreneurship.

Even though I had been in exactly the same position and found the material very interesting, I didn't really realize how the students would learn all this content or how it would affect them.

It was my mission as an instructor to put the material into a correct and desirable form, meet students weekly as a group to consolidate their thoughts, enrich their entrepreneurial knowledge, refine the burst of ideas, etc.

Indeed, the young entrepreneurs arrived weekly, and wrote ideas in a notebook, so at each meeting, we were flooded with ideas which the students had formulated from needs that they identified by looking at the surroundings, advanced ideas by considering the things that had been taught in the lessons, etc. It turned out that all of the ideas were either expanded upon or led to another idea during the group discussion. The discussion is what made us all excited, motivated us to keep going, and created a yearning to initiate those ideas.

The learning method was very experiential to the kids. The information received in the presentations, the diversified activities, and the group tasks stirred something within them and encouraged more creative thinking. Additionally, it brought about the desire to create something amongst themselves. The examples led us to think about a product.

After the experiences, flow of ideas, and time pressure, we filtered out the sea of ideas and the group chose several feasible ideas that they wanted to promote. Groups were created and the children busily worked together to produce the products.

The products were presented to the parents, the teachers, and the executive staff. The students' sense of pride was considerable.

We also presented one of the products to relevant factory marketers.

Now the year has ended and we have benefited. We have initiator smiles as well as a desire to think, to keep initiating, to dare, etc.

Summing up the project, the kids stated that they acquired great skills for the future and that the activity was experiential and fun for them.

I was overwhelmed with happiness.

I would like to thank Galit, on behalf of myself and all the kids, for the incredible idea, for the great opportunity, for the professional training, and for the attentiveness as well as the willingness to help all the way through. We were able to plant the entrepreneurship seed in each of the kids in the group. I am sure that the seeds will continue and flourish.


Keren Mizrahi,
Reali School in Haifa - Branch Ahuza"

Noam Mohaliver Primary School

Pupils of Noam Mohaliver School in Bnei Brak learned entrepreneurial lessons from the variety of program contents.

At the end of the school year, school principal Dvora Bar-On wrote:

Recommendation / Review - Noam Mohaliver School

This year we've started in our school an entrepreneurship program led by Mrs. Galit Zamler.

Galit has guided the team in running the program, in generating ideas, and in creating education and training materials as well as in the operation of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Entrepreneurial skills are necessary in order to adapt to a changing environment. The 21st century and its enormous global developments require us to prepare students for integration into the rapidly changing world.

As part of entrepreneurship education, the students have used social initiatives outside and inside the school. They have learned to gather data, to design, check out alternatives, to wonder, and to error, to not give up, and to try until they succeed.

The entrepreneurship program also gave the staff an entrepreneurial spirit for the development of innovative educational projects (Ted children, learning outside of school, etc.)

Next year we will keep developing and improving the program and respectively, the entrepreneurial abilities of the staff and students.

Thank you, Galit
We'd love to continue to cooperate
Dvorah Bar-On

The school principal recommendation

Aliyot School

Tova Goldstein, the principal of Aliyot School in Ramat-Gan, was the first to implement the children's entrepreneurship program, back when she was the principal of the Moreshet Moshe school in Ramat-Gan.

This year, the program was taught in Aliyot School under the guidance of the teacher, Levana Greenfeld.

At the end of the year, Tova wrote the following:

"Dear Galit,

Thank you for leading the young entrepreneur program at Aliyot school.

The program was very comprehensive. Your teacher's guide was challenging and very profession. It taught our staff a great deal about entrepreneurship.

The cooperation of the teacher and students led to significant learning. Hope to continue in the next year. Have a nice vacation."

Thank you letter from school

HaIrisim primary school in Karmiel

Ronni Shtekler, an English teacher and the English coordinator of the HaIrisim School in Karmiel, has been teaching her students for several years one subject from the syllabus of the entrepreneurship course during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

During the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week, Ronni taught the lesson: Entrepreneurship - Everyone Can. The material was designed as a disposable lesson plan that would allow kids to get a taste of entrepreneurial thinking.

Ronni's connection to entrepreneurship subject is natural because, in addition to being a school teacher, she is an entrepreneur. She worked hard to develop the remedial education English kit, Learn English and Remember.

After teaching three 6th grade classes using this lesson plan, Ronni wrote the following email:

"Greetings Galit,

As part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, I taught a class with portions of the entrepreneurial program that you developed.

As you know, every year, in our school, we teach an entrepreneur class for our senior students. Every year, each student shows great interest and involvement.

I wanted to thank you for the quality of the lessons, and how they are developed with fluidity, sensibility, and intrigue. I appreciated that one thing always leads to the next in a natural, clear and logical way. The content is always new and fresh for the students. Information is always passed on in intelligent yet understandable bits. The knowledge passed on in the classroom widens the student's worldview as it firmly binds it to their lives. As a result, the students obtain information and remember for a long time. This maintains the enthusiasm and interest of the students who are always wanting to know, 'When will the next entrepreneurship class happen?'

Galit, teaching something suitable for the 21st century is a topic that has often been spoken about in the last few years. Your lessons were exactly that: The content and wisdom passed on are relevant to the ever-changing reality, and breaks the divides between school and the outside world, using balanced and well-considered technologies with the goal of furthering that content in the best possible way, as well as developing thinking, problem-solving, cooperative, and ethical learning.

With much respect and gratitude,

Ronni Shtekler
Teacher at HaIrisim school"

About entrepreneurship lessons

Mordei HaGeta'ot School in Ramat-Gan

Mordei HaGeta'ot school in Ramat-Gan celebrated the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week with their event, Initiative Cafe, for the teachers, parents, and students at the school.

Participating in the event were senior entrepreneurs, young adults, and kids who shared their experiences and insights as entrepreneurs with the audience. Parents also heard a lecture by Galit Zamler, the developer of the program in entrepreneurship for young students, about the importance of entrepreneurial education from a young age.

During the week, many entrepreneurs came and told their story to students in grades 4-8. Every class heard at least two lectures from entrepreneurs in different fields.

At the end of this very fruitful week, this letter below was written:

"To Galit Zamler,

We very much appreciate and acknowledge your willingness to take part in producing the Global Entrepreneurship Week event at our school.

We thank you for your full participation in planning the event and for executing our Entrepreneur Cafe meeting from the get-go through initiative recruitments and your lecture on integrating the entrepreneurship studies into the curriculum.

We also thank you for your assistance in finding initiatives for the meetings with kids and for involving us in the scheduled events of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Israel.

We are inspired by the way you teach and the guidance you've given to the kids and the teachers over this last year regarding entrepreneur leadership (for the Juniors and Seniors) which lead us to make some very interesting and fascinating initiatives come to life. We so appreciate you and what you do.

With much respect,

Ronni Shasha, Principal, Mordei HaGeta'ot school
Sarit Zigler, Vice Principal, Initiative head, Mordei HaGeta'ot school
And all Mordei HaGeta'ot teachers and parents"

Appreciation letter

The Noam Mohaliver Primary School in Bnei Barak

This is a thank you letter from the Noam Mohaliver school, operated by Dvorah Bar-On, for the lecture Galit Zamler gave and for the help in recruiting guest entrepreneurs during the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week.

A thank you letter

The Hashalom Primary School in Mevaseret Zion

A group of honor students from HaShalom school in Mevaseret Zion is participating in the Amirim program, in which the students learn weekly entrepreneurship lessons.

This is a letter from Sigal Bar, the school VP, who leads this program.

"November 2014

To whom it may concern,

Subject: Entrepreneurship for Kids Program - Galit Zamler

I would like to express my appreciation to the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, written and taught by Galit Zamler:

During the 2013-14 school years, Galit Zamler, accompanied me in an entrepreneurship course I was teaching at school as part of the Amirim program for Honor students.

The contents which Galit wrote enriched my world and the world of the students, and was a significant part of the course.

In addition, my many thanks to Galit for giving her time and energy to teach me this content and to direct the teaching of this subject toward the central and important concepts. She was patient and very willing to further the subject of entrepreneurship in our school.

I must also thank Galit for giving the students and me the opportunity to enrich meetings with entrepreneurs from Israel and around the world.

I wish us all a continuous and fruitful cooperation in the next school year. I have no doubt that Galit's rich knowledge of entrepreneurship and the way the texts are written enable us to have a creative and special experiential learning.

With much appreciation,
Sigal Bar
VP, Head of the Amirim program."

Highly recommended

The Mordei Hageta'ot School in Ramat-gan

At the end of the third year in which the Mordei HaGeta'ot school, an educator for leadership, entrepreneurship and business, integrated and developed entrepreneurial thinking, school principal Ronni Shasha wrote the following letter:


Where are there more people like you?

You function like an Energizer bunny, solid and discreet in nature, but you are fire and flame in action. All the words in the world can't describe your actions and your investment, which has no day nor night.

Neither could all the words in the world describe my honest impression of your amazing personality.

The Mordei HaGeta'ot school and I were privileged to know you. You are every principal's ultimate dream and an inspiration to any person.

You are the subject of my appreciation and admiration,

Thank you,

Ronni Shasha,
Principal, Mordei HaGeta'ot school"

The school principal's letter

To read more about the school's application of the program, go to schools that teach entrepreneurial skills.

The Kaplan Elementary School in Petah Tikva

Here is a letter from Tali Toledano, Kaplan school principal, applying over the last few years, modules in entrepreneurship education.

"The Kaplan municipal school, Petah Tikva

Our thanks and appreciation

To Mrs. Galit Zamler

I would like to express my full appreciation and thanks for the fantastic teaching of the courses at our school. As a school teaching entrepreneurship, the Young Entrepreneurs' course enriches students by enabling them to dabble in and experience Entrepreneurship in real life. These meetings enrich the students in addition to the school entrepreneurship curriculum itself.

You taught this course with professionalism, flexibility, sensitivity, and understanding.

The kids have experienced meaningful meetings, developed creative thinking, learned cooperation skills, such as how to break barriers of thought, and gained entrepreneur skills.

Your ability to build, every year, a course that is fitting for the needs of the school and the students, according to age, and knowledge is commendable.

Thanks to you we have turned Global Entrepreneurship Week into a tradition where we learn and act in a way that is focused on entrepreneurship and initiatives. You have opened the student's eyes to the real world of entrepreneurship, through lectures on different subjects where the students have the opportunity to hear the story behind different initiatives. These meetings gave the students faith that their dreams and ideas can come true, and helped them realize that being an entrepreneur is possible.

Dear Galit, you have become a significant part of our school.

You orchestrated the student travel initiative - Student groups leave school grounds on tours visiting high-tech companies, like the WIX Company and Side Kick Company.

These visits let the kids meet company employees, hear about their initiatives, and the processes they've gone through in developing their initiatives.

Einstein once said: 'Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach.' You are a true example of entrepreneurship for all of us.

We very much appreciate this partnership in the conduct, guidance, and counseling.

For all this, I wanted to say many many thanks from the students and faculty alike.

With blessings,

Tali Toledano, Principal, Kaplan school Petah Tikva"

Thanks letter from school

Tze'elon Elementary School in Be'er Ya'akov

The following is a letter written by Ronit Barel, Tze'elon school principal in Be'er Ya'akov.


Ms. Galit Zamler
Subject: Thanks and gratitude

Dear Galit,

Over the last several months, you have accompanied and helped, with all your heart and soul, to integrate the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program in the Tze'elon school community.

You've invested precious time into the creation of significant educational and valuable content, stemming from many presentations and videos, as well as cooperation at its best with school staff.

Furthermore, on many occasions, you helped in bringing in entrepreneurs from different fields to come and share with Tze'elon students all the qualities and properties that are essential for an entrepreneur.

Your mark on the work our school does was, and still is, deeply felt.

You have directly contributed to the contents of the sentence leading initiatives at Tze'elon which, with your help, turned from a verbal slogan to a real way of life that we now follow.

For all this, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and acknowledge you and your blessed actions.

Way to go!

Ronit Barel - Principal, educational staff and student/parent community
Tze'elon School"

Thanks and gratitudes letter

Hairisim Elementary School in Karmiel

For a few years now, the English teacher at HaIrisim school, who also initiated the English learning card kit To learn and remember English, has been acknowledged during Global Entrepreneurship Week at her school.

Her goal was to expose students to the world of entrepreneurship and help every kid believe in his/her abilities. Moreover, she wanted them to see the wealth of opportunities for self-realization and achievement.

During this week, Ronni picks one subject out of the entrepreneurship course syllabus and teaches it to her class.

During the 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Week, she created a kid's initiative together with SpaceIL entrepreneurs who work toward landing the first Israeli space shuttle on the moon. Noam Tene, a volunteer in the initiative, came to the school and told the 5th and 6th-grade students about the space initiative.

At the end of the week, Ronni wrote the following:

Shalom Galit,

This week, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), we enjoyed a fascinating lecture from students' entrepreneurship program, EFK. The lecture was completely based on a presentation you had given us about the program. This presentation was well-built and suited the 5th and 6th grades at our school. Students had fun and asked for more!

I wanted to thank you for your contribution and for sharing your entrepreneurial knowledge with the kids as well as for presenting the material in a tasteful, easy-to-understand, fun way.

Many respects and great success in the future,

Ronni Shtekler, Teacher
HaIrisim School, Karmiel

A fascinating lecture

Brenner Primary School in Givatayim

Mazal Shalev, the Mathematics coordinator at Givatayim Brenner school, taught a group of Honor students, as part of the Amirim program, a class on Entrepreneurship from the program's syllabus.

Brenner School was so satisfied with the program that Mazal is continuing to teach the same class this year.

Mazal wrote:

November 2013

Subject: Business entrepreneurship program for Amirim students, at Brenner school in Givatayim

During the 2012-13 school year, I taught a group of 4th-grade students, in the Amirim program, business entrepreneurship.

While building course content I came across Galit Zamler's website and realized it had contents I wished could be taught to my students.

I contacted Galit who was more than willing to assist me. She met with me at school and exposed me to Entrepreneurship for Kids (EFK), a program that was so very interesting, understandable, enriching and challenging.

Galit gave me the guidance, material, presentation techniques needed and I went on my way.

As part of the program, students were given theoretical knowledge and practical experience regarding the creation of a social/business initiative:

As the Purim holiday approached, students gathered costumes that were no longer in use by other students at the school.

Two weeks before the holiday, the school held a costume sale with reasonable prices. Amirim students experienced working through an initiative they developed.

They marketed their initiative, gathered the costumes, priced them and on the day of the sale, worked as salespeople. Costumes that did not sell were donated to a pre-school.

Towards the end of the year, students asked to share their experience with students coming to the 4th grade the following year. The current students knew that the younger student would also be expected to go through EFK and create a business initiative.

One group of students created a short presentation from the content they learned and presented it to the 3rd and 4th-grade classes. In doing so, students sharpened their public speaking skills, answered questions, and helped to spark the younger students' interest.

Another group of students chose to create a patent book of the initiative ideas they considered and presented it to the students.

The Initiative program was a success at our school. The kids very much loved the program and learned a lot from it. Many parents also expressed their satisfaction and interest in the program.

Therefore, we would like to deepen the students' knowledge and continue the program for another year.

Thank you, Galit, for the initiative, your seriousness, and your genuine willingness to help and contribute to the education of our students.

With blessings,

Shalev Mazal

 So satisfied with the program

Amirim Primary School in Binyamina

Entrepreneur studies at the Amirim School in Binyamina were taught by Hila Atias Almagor. Hila is an entrepreneur who deals in business feasibility and consulting, specializes in collaborative consumption, and blogs for Shareable Lifestyle.

The program consists of class curriculum on entrepreneurship, guest entrepreneur lectures, 'Barbari' Health Bar initiative and a visit to the Playcast start-up company.

At the end of the program, young entrepreneurs received participation certificates and Hila received a thank you letter for her many contributions.

Amirim school principal, Galit Goren, wrote Hila the following thank you letter:

Dear Hila,

The students of Amirim School and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your great contribution to our school.

We appreciate your endless engagement, investment, and personal enterprise. You established a group of learners and molded them into a group of entrepreneurs. Every week you discovered an endless dedication. Every discussion was lead in dialog, interactive use of tools and group operation.

The kids learned persistence, responsibility, creativity, how to function in front of a crowd, how to deal with problems and find solutions, how to recognize opportunity, and most importantly, how to have faith in their abilities.

One of the most significant moments was when I joined in the final meeting and saw a group of kids who fulfilled and prideful of the work they had done.

Hila, thanks again for your engagement and endless investments, your patience and listening, your dedication to the kids, and of course, your wisdom and professionalism.

Thank you for everything - You made it BIG!

Galit Goren,
School Principal

Attached a copy of the original letter.

Thank you letter

Yad Mordechai Primary School in Bat Yam

At the end of the GEW, the guest entrepreneurs who came to lecture at the Yad Mordechai school in Bat-Yam, received a letter of gratitude.

Thanks letter for the lecture

Mordei HaGeta'ot School in Ramat Gan

Here are some of the warm reviews the school principal and the school staff have written about the program and the annual entrepreneurial study process with 4th-grade students:

School principal Ronni Shasha wrote:

An amazing process! Way to go!

I wish I had ten free minutes on Friday to experience this myself.

We are enchanted by your commitment every time. You are absolutely incredible!!!

I am newly impressed each time.

Yesterday I heard about the process from the kids, their experiences, and the way they presented their plans. I simply melted.

Sarah Bahar, the vice principal wrote:

I would like to use this opportunity to thank dear Galit,

Who spent her Friday mornings at our school.

She gave up her free time to give and give and give.

Even when we sometimes encountered technical and other day to day problems,

Galit never gave up. She arrived promptly to teach our kids what it is to initiate and use the things they learn in their own initiatives.

Thank you!

Science teacher, Shirley Ben-Yaakov, entrepreneurship studies coordinator at the school:

Last Friday we had a charming and fruitful meeting in which the students made decisions regarding the approval of Ronni's ideas.

The students are excited and look forward to the coming Friday to start work.

Galit, thank you for your effort and input. You are a star!

During Education Week, which takes place annually at Ramat-Gan schools, Galit Zamler was invited to receive a certificate of appreciation.

A certificate of appreciation

Psagot Elementary School in Kiryat Bialik

Nurit Evenshietz, Education Coordinator and 5th-grade teacher at the Psagot School in Kiryat Bialik, taught an entrepreneurship course at her school with a selected group of students and wrote the following:

"To Galit

I wanted to thank you for your willingness to give me the well constructed and interesting program that you've made for FREE!.

Kindness is something that is taken for granted in the material world we live in.

You also expressed your willingness to meet with me in order to guide me and explain the contents and goals of the program. You really excited me.

I have started implementing the program. It was clear and organized by subjects. Every subject had a presentation with examples, pictures, and stories from the world of entrepreneurship.

The surprisingly well-organized program gives me the confidence to teach the initiative classes to a group of high achieving students at 'Psagot'.

The kids very much enjoy the array of stories, examples, and activities in the program. They are fond of the classes and feel special.

This week, an entrepreneur spoke with them. The class presentation was entitled "The Entrepreneur Sees Opportunity in Problems".

Of course, we started an initiative on Tu Bishvat: kids entrepreneurs sold orange juice or Mint Lemonade to other kids in the school. This first initiative was a great success. We hope that the second initiative will be successful as well. We plan to have a makeup, face painting and nail decorating stand during Purim."

The kids are constantly coming up with new initiative ideas.

It is my understanding that you are always upgrading and improving the program.

I would be glad to meet with you soon and hear about all the advances you've been making.

With much appreciation,


Read more about the Psagot young entrepreneur's initiative on the "Kids Initiate" page.

Blich High School in Ramat-gan

The following was written by the Blich high school principal:

We would like to extend our full appreciation and thanks to you for you giving your time and teaching a fascinating class to our students during Owl day (A day of lectures by various professionals).

Aliza Lanziano
Sigal Sharon - 9th House Administrator
Revital Levgoren - School Principal

Read more about this session on the page describing education for entrepreneurship in schools.

Thank you from the school

The following year, guest entrepreneurs, as well as representatives of the program arrived once more for Owl Day at Blich High School and the gratitude letter below was sent to them:

To Mrs. Galit Zamler


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and express my full appreciation for your lecture to the students on the day they received their diplomas (Owl Day) january 17th, 2013.

Your lecture contributed to the celebratory air of the day, enriched the students and gave them another perspective on different fields that were not taught at school.

I wish you many more years of wonderful achievements and hope this event paves a road for future successful cooperation.


Revital Levgoren

School Principal

Thanks for giving your lecture

Hairisim Elementary School in Karmiel

May 27th, 2011

To Whom It May Concern.

It was my pleasure to have the task of managing three Entrepreneurship for Kids Program meetings, developed by Galit Zamler, here at the HaIrisim school in Karmiel, to grades 4-5-6 (9 classes altogether).

The classes had an effect on every single one of the students. They left excited and inspired from each meeting. The students' original ideas for initiatives and personal visions for their future revealed something so important to living a meaningful life.

The classes are built perfectly and combine fascinating exercises, illustrative tools, videos, as well as presentations and are thus engaging and interesting. The students waited in anticipation for the entrepreneurship classes and always inquired as to when the next class would take place. Furthermore, students were constantly active during these sessions. Every last student was involved with the content of the class.

To sum up, I would like to thank Galit Zamler for developing such a coherent, knowledgeable, and comprehensive program, which was delivered in such an inspiring way.

Ronni Shtekler
English Teacher
HaIrisim School, Karmiel.

Excited and inspired from each meeting

Kaplan Elementary School, Petah-Tikva

To Galit Zamler

Developer and host of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program.

Subject: Thank you for enriching lectures

We would like to thank you for the rich lectures you gave to our 6th-grade students on entrepreneurship.

Kaplan is a school that has engraved entrepreneurship studies on its flag. The lectures, integrating examples from real life business and the kids' close environment, as well as the presentations, videos, activities, and media coverage, enriched the learning process in the classroom and gave our students another way of exploring subjects beyond what is taught in school. The teaching was professional, interesting and experiential.

In addition, we would like to thank you for the cooperation and help in inviting entrepreneurs to give lectures to the different grades in our school during the event: Kaplan - non-stop initiating

Kudos in the social initiative!


Dina Lieberman - Educations and Entrepreneurs coordinator

Tali Toledano - School Principal

Thank you for enriching lectures

Moreshet Moshe Elementary School, Ramat-gan

Zehava Mesinger - Moreshet Moshe School principal wrote:

Good Evening, Galit

I read the article fully and enjoyed it.

Yes, I do agree with every word written.

There is no better proof than the experience at our school. The kids enjoyed your classes and the entire school enjoyed the Kiosk initiative.

I will forward this to other principals and recommend it.

Way to go and good luck!


School principal wrote

Participating Kids' Parents' Reviews

Orit Barashi, Geffen's mother from the Mordei Hageta'ot School, gave this review after her daughter participated in the Shirt for any size initiative.

The kids learned a wonderful process as well as its result.

We hope for more exciting projects next year.

Shahar, Yair and Shani's father, who also took part in the Shirt for any size initiative, wrote:

The kids gained knowledge of a process that was interesting, challenging and enriching. Thank you for the support and encouragement at every turn.

Yaara's mother, from the Moreshet Moshe school in Ramat-Gan wrote:

A huge thank you for the wonderful and helpful class.

Be blessed!

Yaara Krause and family

A huge thank you

Libat, Omer's mother from Givatayim wrote:

A recommendation letter

My 11-year-old son has been attending Galit Zamler's Entrepreneurship for Kids Program for several months.

He is very fond of this class and we are talking about a boy who attends many different classes.

He leaves for the class excited, learns the subjects that are taught and after the class, integrates what he's learned in his personal life:

He is learning about advertising, marketing, independence, entrepreneurship, and personal initiatives.

Thus, in my eyes, he is advancing as an independent and aspiring human being.

Galit teaches the class with so much enthusiasm and sensitivity towards everyone who attends. Every session has an air of freshness to it, so the children remain alert, interested and wait all week for the class to commence.

I recommend this class for several reasons. This is a class that, even after it concludes, keeps teaching the kids/teens because of the dynamic that is created among the teacher and student, and between the students themselves.


Libat Klass

A recommendation letter from a mother

Shoshi, Yehonatan's mother from Ramat Gan wrote the following:


Mrs. Galit Zamler


Subject: Business entrepreneur class at Moreshet Moshe school

I would like to thank you for the enriching and pleasing experience my son received in the aforementioned class.

The class is held in a methodical and organized way, and in every class, the students receive a synopsis so that we, the parents, can read about what is taught in the classroom.

I read this synopsis often and each time I am impressed with the quality and range of the material taught to our children.

From conversations with my son, I have learned that the students understand the sometimes very complex terms and processes that are passed on in an easy, flowing language, through examples and explanations that they can understand.

In addition, you support the experiential side of the class and utilize presentations, movies, etc., to deepen the children's interest.

The highlight of the experience is opening and managing a real business initiative in the schoolyard.

On this subject, I was very impressed with the way you supported the children and, at the same time, let them run things on their own. They held discussions themselves, tried to foresee problems, engaged in negotiations with the school principal, planned, and executed the initiative.

I feel that my son was enriched by the program. He learned so many terms, and gained so much knowledge, and most importantly, had fun.

Children today are exposed to many informational mediums that include descriptions and terms of the business and financial worlds.

It is my impression that today, my son will be more alert when he comes across business information and will have a better understanding of the subject.

Good luck in the future,

Shoshi Grinvald

Business entrepreneur class

Orna, Nofar's mother, wrote:

To Galit Zamler,

Instructor of the business entrepreneurship class


As I flip through the summary pages of every session, I very much enjoy hearing my daughter speak about the program.

I see here that you've introduced a kiosk at our school (Great idea). I also heard that you've had visits by guest entrepreneurs with past experience including some that dealt with books and games.

Nofar very much enjoys preparing her homework for the class and does it eagerly. My daughter also showed me the website that you are building and I loved it.

I saw the photos you've uploaded from the class (very nice).

The class helps Nofar and teaches her new things. I think that Nofar will very much enjoy attending the class again next year and I'll be happy too.

I am very pleased with her and with all that she's learned from the class.

Thank you and good night,

Orna Golan

I am very pleased

Sussie, Dvir's mother, wrote:

To Galit Zamler,

Subject: Business Entrepreneurship for Kids

I would like to thank you for your idea and initiative to create a business entrepreneurship class for kids.

Your actions have given my son, Dvir, great ideas for testing tools for business entrepreneurship - developing a vision, creative thinking, information gathering, copywriting, setting and obtaining goals, decision making, building a company, and more.

The class taught my son that kids too can think in an independent and creative way. Moreover, it has shown him that it is possible to be an entrepreneur at a young age with a little courage, a lot of planning, and just enough persistence.

Dvir thoroughly enjoyed the class, partly because of the content passed on using presentations, games, and exercises and partially due to a guest lecturer who illustrated to the kids the process an entrepreneur goes through.

Galit, you are an easy going, pleasant and knowledgeable person and you have contributed greatly to the success of the program.

I, of course, will highly recommend this program to all parents looking into it for their kids.

And perhaps at this time, I shall add - Thank you.

With appreciation,

Haim Sussie

thank you for your idea

Yaffit, Elamar's mother, wrote:

February 3, 2010


Mrs. Galit Zamler

Hello Galit,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful course you teach to young entrepreneurs.

My daughter takes your class. She enjoys every one of the enriching sessions. The class has expanded her worldviews to new horizons.

I have noticed that following this session, she has developed a great level of interest and knowledge on the subject of entrepreneurship. She is keen to explore and advance every new subject beyond a theoretical level.

The way that you teach the kids on their level and in a way that they can understand strongly contributes to this. You treat them like young entrepreneurs and not as children.

Your cooperation in the writing process regarding the establishment of the kiosk made them feel important and influential.

Many thanks,

Yaffit Cohen

Thank you for the wonderful course

Children Who Participated in the Entrepreneurship Program Say and Write

Third graders at the A.D Gordon School in Kfar Saba

In the 2018-2019 school year A.D Gordon students participated in entrepreneurship classes based on the Israeli EFK Program.

Teacher Tal Tabib wrote about how the children summed up the year:

"The initiative develops friendship and teamwork"

"I felt like I was older and that I was in high-tech and that was a good and strange feeling"

"Entrepreneurship is fun, I've found new friends"

"It was hard for me to improve things over and over again. It was hard for me to make decisions because everyone thinks differently."

"It was difficult to choose, for example, what the logo would look like on the business card."

"It was easy to prepare the presentation because we were a coherent and experienced group."

"I think entrepreneurship is very important because in the future we will need this profession, an important subject for life."

"This is one of the most fun lessons at school, interesting and develops thinking."

From Morashton - Moreshet Moshe school newspaper, May 2010

Entrepreneur's Kiosk

This year we opened the new Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, instructed by Galit Zamler, at our school.

As a final production, we established the Entrepreneur's Kiosk. The kiosk was open for only three days.

At the kiosk, we sold different varieties of candy at a cheap price. It is important to note that all proceeds benefited our the school and students.

A similar course will commence next year for kids in the 4th-6th grade and is strongly recommended for all.

What are the kids saying about the course?

Shai: I really had fun during the establishment of the kiosk. I recommend it for everyone.

Yehonatan: I think it was a lot of fun building the kiosk and the kids enjoyed it too. If you like entrepreneurship, I recommend it.

Barak: I suggest that everyone signs up and experience this!

Itai: I'm happy that for the first time there is a kiosk in the school and I hope that all the kids like it!

Public opinion: (Tamir from 1st grade) It's really great they opened a kiosk here at school because the prices are lower than other stores.

It is important to note that the kiosk was established with the school principal, Mrs. Zehava Messinger's approval. She encourages new initiatives at the school.

School newspaper

Fourth graders at the Yitzhak Shamir school in Holon

Fourth graders at the Yitzhak Shamir School in Holon participated in an annual entrepreneurship course for children.

The children were inspired by entrepreneurs from various disciplines. Throughout the course, children raised ideas for inventions, and checked whether they already exist or not. If so, the kids found a way to improve them, prepared models, and presented them in their classrooms.

At the end of the course, the students were asked: What did you learn from the process?

The following are selected representative responses:

- I learned that if you have an idea, put it into action, you can go far. All you have to do is realize the idea.

- I enjoyed the process very much. It was really fun and I learned a lot of things I did not know.

- It was fun to invent a new idea and to succeed. I really loved this experience.

-I learned how to go out to the market with an idea.

- I learned that I can do things I did not know I can and that I like entrepreneurship.

- I learned to demonstrate a great deal of creativity. I've shown myself a new skill and it was fun to work in a team.

Many other responses are presented here in this presentation:

Fourth graders at the Dvora Omer school in Netanya

Two classes at the Dvora Omer School in Netanya participated in entrepreneurship classes led by teacher Miri Yishai, after Miri was exposed to entrepreneurship during the course of the "Initiating Teacher".

At the end of the school year, rich in ideas for projects and actual initiatives were developed.

Students who participated in the social project team "with the heart to show that I care" summed up the entrepreneurial process in which they were involved:

Emma wrote: "I feel that I am doing something good for others and making them happy, and so does everyone who contributes with me."

I feel that I am doing something good for others and making them happy

Amit wrote: "I have learned that I and some other children can somehow influence the future of some needy families. I am happy to be donating and I feel that I am doing a good thing that helps and influences others."

I have learned that I and some other children can somehow influence the future of some needy families

Rotem wrote: "I had a lot of fun contributing and going to people's homes."

I had a lot of fun contributing and going to people's homes

Romi said: "It was important to me that people know that I like to give and contribute. I had a lot of fun going to people's homes and raising money."

It was important to me that people know that I like to give and contribute

Guy raised the idea for a social initiative: "Soccer Friendship". He summarized entrepreneurship studies as follows: "If you want to accomplish something, do not give up on it, fight for it".

If you want to accomplish something, do not give up on it, but fight for it

Shira, who participated in the social initiative "CTC - Children Teaching children", wrote in reflections: "At the beginning of the project we had ups and downs, but we did not give up and stuck to the goal. The cooperation, the teamwork, and the dedication to the goal contributed to the success of the project."

The cooperation, the teamwork and the dedication to the goal are what contributed to the success of the project

Romi, who participated in the same entrepreneurial team, wrote: "It's important for me that people know that I worked very hard on the project with Shira"

It's important for me that people know that I worked very hard on the project with Shira

Noya, who took part in the "CTC project - Children teaching children" addresses the need for determination in the process of implementing the project: "I took responsibility for myself. I told myself that no matter what, even if it was difficult, I would not quit or give up."

I took responsibility for myself, that no matter what, even if it was difficult, I would not quit or give up

Students of Yad Giora Middle School in Herzliya say:

Students from three 7th grade classes at the Yad Giora Middle School in Herzliya took part in entrepreneurship classes based on the program's entrepreneurship course.

During the program, they developed initiatives and took part in the competition "Move yourself". Four of them reached the final of the competition.

On the day of the final, Galit Zamler interviewed the entrepreneurs and below are their answers:

Question: In your opinion, do students need to study entrepreneurship?

The answers:

Shaked: The entrepreneurship program gave me a lot of confidence in presenting the initiative, and the courage to come up with ideas for initiatives.

Rotem: Yes, students need to study entrepreneurship because, even though we're only teenagers, we still have good ideas that can make the world a better place. A lot of times, teenagers' ideas aren't considered, but in the entrepreneurship classes, they are.

Elad: Yes, we may be children, but even children can change the world. Lots of things that are used in the world are inventions of children.

Michael: I believe that children have a lot more creativity than certain adults and the entrepreneurship classes let us express it.

Question: How would you market the entrepreneurship classes to other students?

The answers:

Rotem: Other students should sign up because everyone who sees our initiatives understands that they too can have the opportunity to make their ideas for initiatives a reality.

Shaked: The entrepreneurship classes develop your thinking and encourage you to raise ideas.

Elad: I recommend signing up because a lot of times I think of ideas and I haven't implemented any of them. This entrepreneurship course was the first time that I've also tried implementing them.

Michael: Everyone in the world has ideas, but most of us don't have a way to express them. The entrepreneurship course helps people express their ideas.

Question: What did you get out of the entrepreneurship classes other than making the initiative into a reality?

The answers:

Rotem: Taking part in the entrepreneurship program gave me life tools and an understanding of how to take my idea and push it forward as well as how to do lots of new things. In my opinion, the things I learned are important for everyone to know how to do because those things will help the world.

Shaked: The entrepreneurship classes developed my thinking skills and creativity.

The 4th-grade students from the Mordei HaGeta'ot school, participants of the entrepreneurship classes wrote:

17 4th-grade students from the Mordei HaGeta'ot school in Ramat Gan participated in the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program.

The students learned about the process of building an initiative, brought up initiative ideas, and chose one initiative which they later established themselves at school: Dog adoption day.

The student's insights, enjoyment, and overall experience are touched on this letter they wrote:

Entrepreneurship for Kids Program
4th-Grade Students

Thank you very much to our dear Galit Zamler, instructor of the Entrepreneurship Program at school, whose every step is full of energy, smiles, devotion, and goodwill. We learned a lot from the program and acquired skills for life!

Shaked, 4A: If you didn't come to our school, the initiative would not have existed.

Shai, 4A: We learned to initiate stuff and it was fun.

Maya, 4A: Thank you for supporting and helping us out during the year.

Lee, 4A: If you hadn't taught us entrepreneurship, these dogs would have no home.

Ma'ayan, 4A: Thank you for your help. We appreciate you very much. Thanks to you we succeeded in our initiative.

Tomer, 4A: Thanks for teaching us entrepreneurship and how to be entrepreneurs.

Ronni A, 4B: Thanks for helping the adoption day succeed.

Shahaf, 4B: I had so much fun! Love, Shahaf.

Koren, 4B: Thank you for lots of help!

Ronni Z, 4B: Thank you! You taught us a lot.

Ariel, 4B: Thank you for teaching us what entrepreneurship is.

Tom, 4C: I learned how to manage life and had a lot of fun.

Tal, 4C: Thank you for supporting and teaching us. I hope we will meet in the future.

Adi, 4C: Thank you for every moment you were here teaching us entrepreneurship.

Nir, 4C: Thank you for helping during the tough moments.

Yahlee, 4C: Thank you. I hope you'll be here next year.

Yahav, 4C: Thanks! I was happy to learn how to work together.

Click to read the original letter.

Chosen quotes from Moreshet Moshe students in Ramat Gan

The workshop was fun and interesting. I especially enjoyed the guests that came and all the presentations. Even though this is my second year already, I still enjoy it.

When I came out of the business entrepreneur class, I knew it meant something and then I had the idea to create bracelets and chains for sale. Now I make and sell them. It's all thanks to Galit Zamler, the entrepreneur teacher, who taught me so much.

I think the program is very fun and interesting and I think I learned a lot of new stuff.

The 'Business Entrepreneurship' program is a very fun program and you learn a lot of new things.

I really enjoyed the program, and I'm still learning lots of new things. The workshop is fun because of the games and exercises. I am so happy I signed up.

Selections from Kaplan students' letters

- I learned a lot from what you taught us. Thanks for coming, it was fun.

- I wanted to thank you for coming to us and teaching us entrepreneurship. Thanks to you I learned a subject I now love much more than before. Thank you for caring about us. Thanks to your knowledge my own has been broadened.

- Thanks for developing my knowledge of entrepreneurship. You taught me lots and I enjoyed it very much. I especially enjoyed the 4th session in which we learned about Cloud technology. I love technological advancements and it was very interesting to learn about it.

- I very much enjoy your classes. I learned new things thanks to you and the presentation, I now understand about entrepreneurship. I learned many new things I didn't know. Now I know so much. I thank you for all you've taught us.

Guest Entrepreneurs, Exposed to the Program, Write

Tzuriel King - initiator of "Journey from Heart to Heart":

Tzuriel came to a lecture in front of sixth graders at the Katznelson School in Kfar Sirkin. The sixth graders study entrepreneurship with teacher, Lee Shifman.

At the end of the lecture Tzurie wrote:

"It is refreshing and a lot of fun to collaborate with others on the project "Entrepreneurship for Kids Program" which provides an opportunity for children all over the country to hear about extraordinary initiatives.

Thank you, Galit for connecting me with the schools and for your leadership in this amazing project!"

Einat Shamir - Shoval initiator - Hats and accessories:

At the end of the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week, Einat wrote:

I thank you very much for the opportunity to give a lecture for this fascinating project of yours.

Ronit Meiri- "YES, YOU CAN" initiator - Personal image and advancement:

Ronit, who usually lectures adults and helps people believe in themselves and their abilities to connect with forces that help them, took part in the 2014 Global Entrepreneur Week as a guest entrepreneur.

At the end of the lecture, she wrote:

Yesterday's lecture on 'Kaplan' was challenging and left us wanting more.

The challenge was to adjust the 'YES YOU CAN' message to the kids.

My usual demographic and customer base is adults.

The experience was great fun and made us taste for me. The whole experience and the belief that teaching kids and young adults positive tools and language make for a better world and I am glad to be a part of this blessed venture.

Ofra Avramovitz - MamaNet initiator:

We will gladly continue taking part in this amazing project you're initiating.

The lecture on MamaNet fascinated the children and as well as the staff and encouraged questions on entrepreneurship.

The MamaNet league keeps growing and developing and is working its way to national recognition.

Michal Brotfeld- "Art in String" initiator:

Michal participated as a guest entrepreneur during the 2013 and 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week and following her lectures at schools, she wrote:

Well done! I always enjoy reading about this project and would, of course, be happy if you invited me to your next one.

Ayelet Titlebaum - creator and manager of the educational initiative Idea - "Creative Exercise":

Ayelet took an active part as a guest entrepreneur during the 2014 World Entrepreneurship Week. She lectured parents and teachers at the Entrepreneur Cafe event and also lectured students. Afterward, she writes:

Thank you for the chance and stage you've given me as well as for the opportunity to present my initiative as part of this special and breathtaking program.