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Ideas for Projects in Schools - Part II
By Galit Zamler

additional ideas for projects in school

This page is a sequel to the "Ideas for Projects" page of children who participate in the EFK program and of teachers who teach this program in school.

During the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, many project ideas came up, some of which were actualized while others were not. In light of the abundance of the ideas that arise during the program, we have included on this page additional project ideas, inventions, and social initiatives in the school, most of them are by the students, and some are by the teachers.

The process of filtering ideas is complicated because, like real entrepreneurs, students usually like the ideas they come up with, and they find it difficult to decide not to work on ideas they have thought of.

But, with a structured and objective process, based on questions, gathering information, and thinking about details, the students can prioritize the ideas that arise in the classroom.

In a class that allows an open and creative atmosphere, many project ideas are formed, from which a limited number of ideas are promoted.

Read about the realization of the selected projects on the page: Kids initiate.

Students of 5th grade in the Northern Star School in Ashkelon

Students of the four 5th graders in Northern Star school in Ashkelon, headed by Sarry Plum, took part in an entrepreneurship course, instructed by Galit Zamler.

The students went through a process of exposure to different kinds of ventures.

During the course, an atmosphere of openness and creativity was created in the classrooms.

After that, the kids came up with ideas of inventions. Some of them intended to upgrade existing products, and others thought of social projects.

Here are the ideas that made it to the finals, those that the students decided to promote:

- Reminder - and app with a device that is installed near the door. We enter what we need to remember into the app, and the device reminds us of it.

- A collar that locates pets that has gone missing.

- A pencil that is also a pen that works on batteries and can also be charged.

- An ice cream truck that supplies every flavor we want.

- Shoes that when losing balance, two poles come quickly out of the sides and hold the child.

- Small gummy poles that are attached to the phone, so when the phone falls down, they come out quickly and prevent it from breaking.

- A bag with buttons/switches: One for Bluetooth music, the second for a back massage, the third makes the bag easy to carry, and on top of that, there's a straw that come all the way to the mouth, for drinking.

- A sponge ball that has pieces of sponge inside of it, that fill in the places where the ball gets torn.

- Shoes with a distress button

Invention idea of kids - Shoes with a distress button

- A glowing trash can on batteries.

- A cloth that folds itself.

- A stroller/cart with a charger that charges the phones and has a pocket to hold the phone.

- A shopping cart with a wheelchair and an umbrella.

- Glasses with a snorkel that filters oxygen and so allows staying underwater and breathing normally.

Children's idea for invention, snorkeling with glasses

- Autonomous airplane that flies itself for blind people.

- A robot that cleans the house and does the homework for you.

- A typing machine with built-in buttons: pressing on a button and saying aloud what we want the machine to write, and it'll write it according to our handwriting.

- A toothbrush with toothpaste in it. Pressing a button gets the paste out for brushing.

The invention of children. Toothbrush with ointment in it

- A car that inside its chair has a bag with medicines for disabled people.

- A small room for napping at school.

- A drink that tastes like Coke but is healthy, no caffeine, sugar, and preservatives.

- A pencil with a sharpener.

- Tools that are used with water and that can have the water recycled for further use.

tools that enable recycling water

- A laser cannon to spare ammunition and enemy's soldiers so that the war would be less deadly.

 Kids idea for invention - a laser cannon to protect the country

- Stickers for shoes so we won't slip.

- A small bag attached to the coat so we won't have to carry it.

- A glass that can be attached and detached from the plate, so we won't have to hold the plate and the glass separately.

An idea for children's invention, plates holder

- Toilet sits warmer.

Kids' idea for invention, a toilet wormer

- A cell phone with an umbrella that protects it from the rain.

A cell phone with an umbrella that protects it from the rain

- A warmable towel.

- A laser gun that has a special, different shape.

Children's invention, an elaborate laser rifle kids invented a laser gun

- Using games that kids like for studying purposes.

- A friendship bench at school. If you have no one to play with, then by sitting on the bench, friends would notice and come to play with you.

- A school for Fortnite, we'll earn a lot of money, and we'll help others to get first place in the game.

- Shoes that will make walking faster and easier.

- Sunglasses with ventilators.

- Glasses in which we can change the number (eyeglass size) easily.

- Shoes with GPS.

Fifth and Fourth-graders at the Yitzhak Navon School in Shoham

The students at the Yitzhak Navon School in Shoham are participating in an annual entrepreneurship course based on the EFK program.

Galit Zamler met the students, heard their ideas for projects, and to give them feedback on how to move forward.

The students had many creative ideas, some of which are:

A suitcase that warms the clothes. The idea was born out of the need of one of the children on a trip to Thailand.

Add a thermometer to a spoonful of soup, a cup of coffee, and a duckling to the bath so that we can avoid burns.

A cutting tray with a saucer so that the residues of the vegetables and fruit can be drained straight into the saucer.

A machine for feeding pets. The device will be computerized, and it will let programming how much food it will give the pet according to its type and size.

An idea for an invention of children is called feeding pets

A solar shield cover for a cellular phone that protects your phone's screen and also charges it.

A machine that inflates balloons, like a coffee machine. Suitable for water games.

A sock with cushions, so that the shoe feels more pleasant.

Special shoes for short people to raise them while they play basketball and try to score a basket.

A flying chair for people who use wheelchairs, so instead of pushing the chair, it will just fly in the air.

A pillow with an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.

A children's idea of a pillow that wakes you up

Sixth-graders at the Katznelson School in Kfar Sirkin

Scratchy - Mosquito repellent

Sixth-graders at the Katznelson School in Kfar Sirkin learn entrepreneurship classes with teacher Lee Glick.

The students focused on a common problem of mosquito bites, so they decided to solve it.

The children studied the various means which help to remove mosquitoes and examined some of them.

In the end, they chose a mosquito repellent solution that is also adapted for children, combined with other elements to create a product that can be easily carried and used for hiking.

The product is named Scratchy.

Another Idea From Another Group of Students - Magnoclean

Invention of sixth graders a cloth with magnets for cleaning glasses

The idea for the Magnoclean product arose from the need to clean the corners of their glasses.

The students looked for a convenient, easy to use, safe, portable, and durable solution that would protect the lenses from scratches and wipe the lens' corners.

After a number of ideas came up, the children chose a product that has two magnets with a cleaning cloth on one side and a ring on the other, allowing for a comfortable grip.

The Staff of the Yitzhak Navon School in Shoham

The staff of the Yitzhak Navon School participated in an institutional training course on the subject of education for entrepreneurship in the school, led by Galit Zamler.

The teachers attended a practical workshop for creative thinking and coming up with some project ideas.

practical workshop for creative thinking for teachers

After the teachers were exposed to different techniques in creative thinking, they were divided into groups, each of which raised ideas for projects, such as the following ones:

- Establishing a supermarket that one can buy a few groceries without leaving the car, from a drive-thru window, similar to McDrive.

- Alerting of a mobile phone if it is being used before crossing a crosswalk.

- Integrating pensioners as an auxiliary resource in schools

- Cleaning the classroom by using robots.

- An app that allows parents to protect their kids on social media.

- A garbage can that contains multiple trash bags and is ready for use right after removing the previous, full trash bag. This idea was also proposed by students from Kiryat Arba who took part in the Hackathon: removable trash bags without the need to be replaced.

- Shopping carts can be folded into the car trunk and pulled out like wheelchairs.

- Giving lectures online by the teachers and watching it through smartphones.

- A motorized shopping cart with a chair and screen to load into the shopping list.

- An autonomous barrier at the crosswalk, which identifies children who want to cross the road and stops the traffic in order for them to cross safely (instead of or in addition to the Zaha"v patrols).

The teachers teach the students the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, and in the raising ideas for projects stage, some of the ideas that came up included:

- A water balloon tying machine

- A flying skateboard

- A food cutting device with finger protection

- A phone protection device

- A whiteboard that automatically cleans itself

- "TickSkate" (Tick means bag in Hebrew) - instead of a trolley to carry backpacks, a remote-controlled trolley that you could put your bag on it.

- A notebook that can turn into a pillow

- An autonomous eraser

- A robot that can teach students instead of a teacher

- A bottle that knows to remind us when to drink

- An automatic curtain shutter

- Deodorant for dogs

- A notebook with a button that records and writes

- A water-resistant book

- A globe that shows information about a country in 3D by tapping it

- A social project - diaper donation for babies

- A social project - collecting second-hand products and delivering them to needy families

You may read about many more ideas for projects of children who undertake entrepreneurship classes.

You may also read about the realization of selected projects on the pages Kids initiate part I and part II.

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