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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016
By: Galit Zamler

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016

One week all about entrepreneurship in Israeli schools

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016 was held all over the world and in Israel between the dates 13-20.11.2016.

Israeli schools that educate for entrepreneurship celebrate GEW2016. These schools encourage entrepreneurship in education and entrepreneurial thinking to prepare students for life.

The Entrepreneurship for Kids Program helped recruiting guest entrepreneurs to come and share the entrepreneurial process that they have gone through with the students, how the idea was born, the realization process, challenges and future plans.

If you are an entrepreneur, contact Galit Zamler, and we'd love to hear your lecture during the year.

These are the schools that noted the Global Entrepreneurship Week in cooperation with the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program:

The events in schools are in cooperation with:

Many entrepreneurs volunteered to visit the schools, and we thank them.

The events of the entrepreneurship week in schools:

In all the schools that teach entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship classes were held during the week.

The schedule at the Ilanot school in Ashkelon

gew schedule Ilanot

Guest entrepreneur: Sharon Muallem - one of the online sports venture EVT founders.

Sharon Muallem

Guest entrepreneur: Michael (Adolf) Asor, founder of "Sarah Cloth" a second-hand clothing store that serves less fortunate members of society, in a lecture to students in sixth grade.

Michael Asor

Guest entrepreneur: Sarit Maor - gave a fifth-grade lecture.

Sarit Maor

Guest entrepreneur: Yael Haddad - founder of "Vakelita" - a regional children's choir, a lecture to all the 5th-grade students.

Yael Hadad

Event calendar of Be'eri school in Netanya

GEW at Be'eri school

Guest entrepreneur: Netanel Rossman - founder of Capsula, gave a sixth-grade lecture.

Netanel Rossman

Guest entrepreneur: Yoav Naim - one of the OGERTV school TV channel founders. Gave fourth and fifth-grade lectures.
An example of a project produced with Yoav's assistance.

Yoav Naim

Guest entrepreneur: Miri Kotzer founder of KishKush (nonsense) a company that operates birthdays, workshops, and other events. Gave a fourth-grade lecture.

Miri Kotzer

Guest entrepreneur: Yair Greenberg, of the Israeli venture SpaceIL, to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon.


Guest entrepreneur: Inbar Navot, gave fourth and sixth-grade lectures about "green" entrepreneurship.

Inbar Navot

Guests entrepreneurs received letters of thanks, like this:

Be'eri school

The schedule at the Yad Giora Middle school in Herzliya

 Yad Giora Junior High

Guest entrepreneur: Amir Raveh - entrepreneur, founder of MG-equity investments, a lecturer at the Academy, does workshops and mentors entrepreneurs to success for the past 15 years. Amir gave a lecture to students of the 7th grade in the entrepreneurship program.

Amir Raveh

Guest entrepreneur: Ran Ne'eman - technology entrepreneur, lectured to students of the 7th grade in the entrepreneurship program.

Ran Ne'eman

Event calendar in Yad Mordechai elementary school in Bat-Yam

Yad Mordechai elementary school

Yad Mordechai primary school

During the week, the young students conducted a ceremony and a show on entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on Israel as an innovative country.

During the show, the students have shown a box full of Israeli inventions.

Israeli inventions

Guest entrepreneur: Einat Shamir - founder of "Trail - string work, design, creation and teaching"

Einat Shamir

Guest entrepreneur: Yoav Naim - one of the OGERTV school TV channel founders. Gave fourth and fifth-grade lectures.

Yoav Naim

Guest entrepreneur: Galit Zamler - the founder of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program. Gave a sixth-grade lecture.

Galit Zamler

At the end of the lectures, the entrepreneurs received thank-you letters.

Thanks letter

Kaplan primary school in Petah-Tikva

Kaplan elementary school

Guest entrepreneur: Amit Saban - a 17-year-old entrepreneur and social activist. Amit developed a "smart" military tag to help locate soldiers, set up a project that helps preserve stories of Holocaust survivors, and is currently promoting the awareness of internet based violence.

Amit Saban

Amit took part in Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015.

Guest entrepreneur: Itamar Kaufman - a 17-year-old technology entrepreneur since the age of 12. Itamar founded so far two companies and has developed over 20 applications. He is a lecturer and consultant.

Itamar Kaufman

Itamar was a guest entrepreneur also on Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015.

Guest entrepreneur: Ran Ne'eman a technology entrepreneur, gave a lecture to fifth graders' in Kaplan school.

Ran Ne'eman

Click to open a file containing all events of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Kaplan elementary school.

Event calendar of Sadot school in Pardes Hana

Sadot elementary school

Global Entrepreneurship Week opening ceremony, attended by all students at the school.

GEw ceremony

Guest entrepreneur: A guest Amir Zaid - lectured for the 5th graders on the subject of urban vehicles.

Amir Zaid

Guest entrepreneur: Naama Shorer, cake designer. Lectured for 1st graders.

Naama Shorer

Guest entrepreneur: Ron Siso - founder of the enterprise "Daddy, please build for me" lectured for students in the 2nd grade.

Ron Siso

Guest entrepreneur: Ori Lahav - founder of "Outbrain" lectured for fifth graders.

Ori Lahav

Guest entrepreneur: Iris Perry - developing a chair backrest.

Iris Perry

Guest entrepreneur: Galit Zamler, gave a fourth-grade lecture.

Galit Zamler entrepreneur

Additional guest entrepreneurs:
Nir Alon Tal Cohen Ofra Jonah, Shai Cohen, Yuval Arbitman and Danny Berko


Guests entrepreneurs received a gratitude letter for the lectures to the students.

greatful letter

The Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016 was concluded in Sadot primary school by a challenging outdoor activity.

outdoor activity

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