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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010
By: Galit Zamler

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010

Global Entrepreneurship Week

A primary school celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010 thanks to the EFK Program, which encourages schools to educate for entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurship for Kids Program took part this year for the first time in the GEW.

The Kaplan school in Petah Tikva hosted an entire day dedicated to entrepreneurship. The day was opened with a ceremony in front of the parents and students. The different entrepreneurial committees in the school presented their activities.

Later, students returned to their classrooms, and each class held a lecture and/or activity on entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, assisted in recruiting Israeli guest entrepreneurs who shared the students in the process, which they had undergone as entrepreneurs.

Galit Zamler also organized activities for the students on the subject of entrepreneurship, according to their age.

Here is a clip summarizing the Entrepreneurship day at the school:

Photos of the volunteer entrepreneurs at the school:

Galit Zamler on: team work

GEW team work

The entrepreneurs spoke to the children in the various classes.

Ayala Geron on Entrepreneurship isn't a children's game.

GEW at elementary school

Yaela Boker Kiryati on This story is about me.

GEW at school

Sasi Mualem on: Entrepreneurship - anyone can.

Anyone can be an entrepreneur

Noa from Tal Shel Tikva on Positive Thinking.

Tal Shel Tikva

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