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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017
By: Galit Zamler

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017

Entrepreneurship for Kids Program encourages marking the GEW2017

The GEW2017 in Israeli schools that teach entrepreneurship is featured in ceremonies, events and lectures of guest entrepreneurs. This year, it was held during 12-19.11.2017.

These are the schools that are preparing to mark the week with the encouragement of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program:

Events in the schools that marked Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017:

Hebrew Academy School, Miami Beach, Florida

This year, for the first time, the Jewish school Hebrew Academy joined the schools in Israel and marked the Global Entrepreneurship week in an online lecture of Ofer Forrer, a volunteer of the Israeli spacecraft.

In his lecture, Ofer explains about the competition sponsored by Google, how Israeli joined this competition and its chances of winning it.

Furthermore, in his lecture, Ofer Shares the development process of the first Israeli Spaceship to ever land on the moon aiming to inspire the students in Hebrew Academy ? and invoke interest in science, space and technology.

Lecture on the spacecraft project for students in Florida

Fourth graders made a video "If I were an inventor ..." that presents their lovely ideas for projects:

"Ilanot" school in Ashkelon

This is the third year that the "Ilanot" School marks the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Schedule of the Global Entrepreneurship Week at the Ilanot School in Ashkelon

Sharon Mualem was among the guest entrepreneurs who came to the school. Sharon told the students about the social project that she established in the name of "Tal of Hope", which helps children in need of a kidney transplant. She also exposed them to the process of developing the EVT project, a sports website that allows everyone to train from home, as if they were in the gym.

Sharon Mualem in a lecture at the Ilanot School on GEW

At the end of the lecture, Sharon received a certificate of appreciation from the school:

Certificate of Appreciation to Sharon Moalem Founder of

This is the students' feedback on Sharon's lecture:

The students' feedback on Sharon's lecture

Tzuriel King - in a lecture to the "Ilanot" School students about a 1,200 km bicycle trip for the purpose of food to those in need and homeless people.

Tzuriel King a guest speaker at the Ilanot School in Ashkelon

The students thanked Tzuriel and wrote:

The students' feedback on Tzuriel King's lecture

Avner Gal, CEO of Iridion, lectured to students at the "Ilanot" School in the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Avner Gal a guest entrepreneur lecturer at the Global Entrepreneurship Week

The students summed up the lecture:

Feedback to a lecture by Avner Gal, CEO of Oridion

Yogev Peretz - conducted a workshop for third graders at the "Ilanot" School with balloons and told them how he became an expert in creating joy through balloons, following an illness that he experienced.

Yogev Peretz in a balloon workshop for students at the Ilanot School

The students said about the lecture:

Yogev Peretz in a balloon workshop for third graders at Ilanot School

Be'eri School in Netanya

This year, as in the preceding years, "Be'eri" school in Netanya denotes the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Here some of the activities on the Entrepreneurship Week in "Be'eri" School:

- An opening ceremony led by the Sustainable Leadership class, along with the school choir and the Sinkoffa Entrepreneurship Group.

- 6th graders educated 2nd graders on Entrepreneurship - Games of Old Times.

- During the week entrepreneurship classes were held.

- Students lectured on a variety of initiatives and entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs to whom the students were exposed to:

Yair Greenberg - a volunteer from SpaceIL project. Fifth graders heard his lecture about an international contest sponsored by Google to launch a spaceship to the moon, and how SpaceIL aims to launch such a spaceship. SpaceIL wishes to make a contribution to Israeli society by promoting scientific-technological education and encouraging scientific novelty among students.

Yair Greenberg in a lecture on the Israeli spacecraft project

Anat Farkash told 3rd and 4th graders about a social enterprise that she initiated dubbed "Innocent Fruit Garden" ("Bustan Tom"), on the Carmel coast, in memory of Tom Farkash, who was killed in the Second Lebanon War.

The orchard fosters organic agriculture, through which it imparts values of personal responsibility, giving to the community and respecting the environment.

Anat Farkash tells about Tom's orchard during the Global Entrepreneurship Week

Navot Inbar from the "Green Network" lectured to third and fourth graders on green entrepreneurship. In the lecture, the students understand the meaning of green entrepreneurship, the requirements of an environmental initiative, get to know a number of projects from Israel and around the world, identify common principles among the initiatives, and examine the role of the entrepreneur as an environmental-social leader.

Navot Inbar, in a lecture on green entrepreneurship during the Global Entrepreneurship Week

Malka Aviv shared with the fifth and sixth graders the app for travelers, which allows you to get information about places, people and events in different places around the world.

Aviv Malka is a guest entrepreneur at Global Entrepreneurship Week

Ofra Abramovitz, founder of "Mamanet", shared with the fifth and sixth graders the story of the newcomb ball League which is intended for mothers, that she founded in 2005 on a voluntary basis. She began in her city of residence - Kfar Saba, for that she recruited the mayor, mothers and parents' committees. Since then, thousands of mothers have joined Mamanet and played newcomb ball, and Ofra continues to develop Mamanet's circles of influence and promote it in Israel and around the world.

Ofra Abramovich, a guest entrepreneur at the Global Entrepreneurship Week at the Be'eri School

At the end of the lecture, Ofra and the guest entrepreneurs received a gratitude letter from the school:

A letter of thanks to Ofra Abramovitz for her lecture on Global Entrepreneurship Week

Maayan Kapah, a mother of a first grade pupil, shared with the fourth grade students the "Butterfly Garden" project and her book on the subject.

Maayan Kapah is a guest entrepreneur at Global Entrepreneurship Week

"HaYovel" School in Ashdod

The "HaYovel" School joined the schools marking the Global Entrepreneurship Week for the first time.

The school invited the parents and grandparents to come and enjoy the lectures of guest entrepreneurs, and of the sixth graders who participate in entrepreneurship classes.

Schedule of the week at "HaYovel" School:

Schedule of the Global Entrepreneurship Week at the HaYovel School in Ashdod

The guest entrepreneurs at the "HaYovel" School were:

Mali Merton - Volunteer of the SpaceIL spacecraft project

The Israeli spacecraft on the way to the moon

Israel is competing in the global competition Google Lunar XPRIZE and will soon launch the first Israeli spacecraft to the moon.

The spacecraft project volunteers come to the schools and share with the students the dream and implementation with the aim of encouraging children to become interested in science and space exploration.

Mali Merton is a volunteer of the SpaceIL spacecraft project

Yehudit Ovitz speaks in her lecture about "how I became from being a rejected child from an ultra-Orthodox family that does not know the Internet to an Internet entrepreneur and lecturer in Israel and abroad".

The purpose of the lecture is to inspire and give practical tools for entrepreneurship. How to start using the tools around us? Why is the Internet the best thing there is? And how do we make money from our knowledge?

Yehudit Ovitz in a lecture to the students of the Hayovel School in Ashdod

Doron Zexer - Doron is a serial social-business entrepreneur who now leads the activities of the Mifalot Education and Society Association, and he spoke with the pupils on this subject.

Doron Zexer is a guest entrepreneur at the Global Entrepreneurship Week

The events of the Global Entrepreneurship Week at the Hayovel School were summed up in an article published in the local newspaper of Ashdod city:

an article about the GEW 2017 in Hayovel School

"Yad Giora" Junior high school in Herzliya

Students from the 7th and 8th grades participate in an elective course on entrepreneurship under the direction of Ze'ev Schneider.

The students heard a lecture by Gadi, a volunteer of the spacecraft project, who shared with them the ambitious project of Israel to land a spaceship on the moon and win a competition on behalf of Google.

Israeli spacecraft project A lecture to junior high school students about SpaceIL

The students also heard a lecture by Amit Saban, a social entrepreneur. Amit is a teenager who was a victim of a cyberbullying by the school students and for several years he has been working to eradicate the phenomenon through lectures, network activity, and "Youth for Youth" organization that he established.

Amit Saban on a lecture at junior high school

"Yad Mordechai" school in Bat Yam

Global Entrepreneurship Week at Yad Mordechai School

At the "Yad Mordechai" School in Bat Yam, the Global Entrepreneurship Week is already a tradition.

This year, too, the school hosted entrepreneurs from different disciplines who shared their entrepreneurial journey with the students, from the concept stage through the challenges to the implementation.

Schedule of the 2017 GEW at the Yad Mordechai School in Bat Yam

Among the entrepreneurs who inspired the students were:

Einat Shamir - Einat is a researcher of yarns, selling different kinds of yarns and creating from them decorative pieces and useful works. Einat shares with the students how she came to work in the field, what can be done from different threads, and how one can make a living from yarns. At the end of a fascinating lecture, the students participated in a hands-on activity with yarns.

Einat Shamir, researcher of threads at a lecture on Global Entrepreneurship Week Einat Shamir in activities for children at Yad Mordechai School

Einat responded wrote on Facebook:

"I had a lot of fun today at the "Yad Mordechai" school in Bat Yam as part of the Entrepreneurship Week.

This is the third year I have been to this charming school.

I spoke about my business and the profession I had invented - the study of threads - and at the end of each lesson, the children scored laces in groups within the framework of the "human fabric", a bonding experience of shared creation I have developed.

Michal Zagon - Michal is an entrepreneur in the field of music and health, a writer, poet and deals with regulation and government relations.

As part of her entrepreneurial activity, she wrote a children's book "The Idea of Yaara," which aims to encourage young children, especially young girls, to believe in themselves and their abilities, and to understand that inside each of them there is a "young star-upist."

All we have to do is follow our ideas and develop them without fear of the pitfalls on the way. The development of an idea requires perseverance and self-belief, which in Michal's view is self-actualization.

Michal Zagon is a guest entrepreneur at Global Entrepreneurship Week

Galit Zamler - The developer of Entrepreneurship for Kids Program

Galit Zamler at the Yad Mordechai School in Bat Yam

At the end of the lecture, the entrepreneurs received a certificate of appreciation from the school, such as this one:

The entrepreneurs received a certificate of appreciation from the school

Itay Baron - founder of Agree Online - a social network for dispute resolution and agreement building, which allows parties of a dispute to tell their stories and negotiate in an environment based on simplicity, transparency and neutrality. The parties are those who decide on the correct way to resolve the dispute between them, in a process led by a facilitator and with the active assistance of the participants. Agree Online mobilizes the wisdom of the masses in order to offer creative solutions that can be mutually beneficial.

Itay Baron presents Agree Online at the Global Entrepreneurship Week

Meir - from "Fat Meir's Kitchen" - Meir is a regular guest entrepreneur at the GEW held in the "Yad Mordechai" School, where students enjoy fresh sandwiches every day, which Meir sends to anyone who has forgotten to bring a sandwich to school.

Meir fat in a lecture to the students of the Yad Mordechai School in Bat Yam

"Yitzhak Shamir" School in Holon

During the GEW, fourth grade pupils from four different classes heard a lecture by Galit Zamler, the developer of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, which the children learn in a weekly entrepreneurship lesson with the instructor, Dina Arkin.

Galit summarized the encounter with the students as follows:

"Today I met the children as a guest entrepreneur. I told them about myself as a business entrepreneur and about the entrepreneurship curriculum for kids, about the difficulties that I faced on the way and how I nevertheless found the way to success.

The children were attentive and curious, asked many questions and got answers.

The main message was that an entrepreneur encounters difficulties, but when you believe in your project your try different ways in order to make it succeed, and that children can also be entrepreneurs.

The children wanted to share with me their ideas for the projects, but we only heard a few of them ...

They continue to collect the ideas in the boxes of ideas."

In the pictures - students present their ideas for projects:

A student introduces her idea to the project A child presents his idea of the project to his classmates

"Kaplan" School in Petah Tikva

The Kaplan School in Petah Tikva, under the new director Mika Nechushtan, continues as in recent years to mark Global Entrepreneurship Week with a variety of activities for the students.

Students watched videos encouraging entrepreneurship, participated in entrepreneurship classes and workshops that encouraged creativity and teamwork, listened to stories that encouraged tolerance for others and heard lectures from guest entrepreneurs.

Schedule of the week at Kaplan:

Global Entrepreneurship Week at the Kaplan School in Petach Tikva

The week opened with the "Hutzot Hayotzer - I am a talented" activity that enabled each child to express his talents in a creative and experiential way.

Hutzot Hayotzer - I am talented at the Kaplan School in Petah Tikva Creative activity at the Global Entrepreneurship Week at Kaplan School

The children held activities on the subjects of cooperation and teamwork:

Team work activity at the Kaplan School Activities on cooperation between students

The guest entrepreneurs at the Kaplan School:

Ronit Meiri - Guide to success, accompanies and helps entrepreneurs focus and succeed.

Ronit Meiri a guest entrepreneur lecturer at the Global Entrepreneurship Week

Einat Shamir - Designer and creator of jewelry and accessories from yarns, holds workshops and lectures on the creation of strings.

Ran Ne'eman - For years, Ran has been a guest entrepreneur at schools and shares his experience as an entrepreneur and a partner in ventures. Ran tries to help students avoid the mistakes that they may make as start-up entrepreneurs.

Ran Ne'eman in a Guest Entrepreneur Lecture at the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Week

Ayala Geron - Ayala accompanies the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program from the beginning during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, lectures to students about her high-tech occupations, her initiatives in box games, her social initiatives and volunteer activities in her spare time.

Ayala Geron, a guest entrepreneur at the Global Entrepreneurship Week

"Korczak" School in Ramat Gan

The Korczak School in Ramat-Gan marked for the first time the GEW, on a focused day during which the students were exposed to and inspired by entrepreneurs from various fields.

Schedule of events this week at Korczak School:

The Korczak School in Ramat Gan marks GEW2017

Tamar Ish Kassit arrived as a guest entrepreneur to the Korczak school. Tamar is also a military medic and an industrial designer.

She founded the "Cassit Studio" where she develops custom products for people with disabilities.

She is also the founder of "Cassit orthopedics", which manufactures medical braces for developing countries.

One can read about Tamar's many important activities on the Cassit blog.

Tamar Ish Kassit designs and manufactures products for people with disabilities

"Kiryat Ye'arim" School in Ramat HaSharon

The school planned a hackathon for the 4th and 6th grades, lectures by entrepreneurs for students, a lecture for parents on creative thinking, a lesson on positive thinking in the light of inspirational personalities, a sales day for raising initial capital, and a school exhibition on entrepreneurship.

This is the schedule of the GEW events at the Kiryat Ye'arim School:

the schedule of the GEW events at the Kiryat Yearim School

Pictures from the hackathon School in Kiryat Yearim:

School's hackathon in Kiryat Ye'arim in Ramat Hasharon Hackathon for fourth and sixth graders at the Kiryat Ye'arim school A product of the fourth and sixth grades Hackathon in Kiryat Ye'arim

During this week, students from the Kiryat Ye'arim School established booths and raised initial capital for their projects.

Raising initial capital for the children's projects

Anat Grimland was invited as a guest lecturer at the school.

Anat Grimland in a lecture on creative thinking

Anat wrote this:

"Nice to meet, I am Anat Grimland - Legal Counsel and Entrepreneur.

I developed the lecture "Creativity as an opportunity" as part of a project that I initiated in elementary school, where my children study, which aims to give parents tools in creative thinking to create a creative language with children, and through it to solve problems from everyday life.

In the lecture, I present a model that I developed in four stages - how to translate the word "creativity" into daily practice. Through examples of everyday life and with the participation of the audience, the participants embark on practical tools for creative activity as part of the routine.

More than 400 people listened to the lecture (at Harel Insurance Company, at Sapir College and at various events), and each time I enjoy talking about it.

You can contact me by email and call 052-8562166 "

The entrepreneur Sheli Goldenberg shared the fourth and sixth graders with a lecture on "Green Entrepreneurship".

Shelly Goldenberg is a guest entrepreneur at the Kiryat Ye'arim School on GEW

"Rothberg" High School in Ramat Hasharon

The Rothberg High School in Ramat Hasharon marked, for the first time, the GEW with a variety of lectures for all the school's students.

The Rothberg High School in Ramat Hasharon markes the GEW

This file attachment with Global Entrepreneurship Week events in the high school.

The following entrepreneurs came as guest lecturers to the high school:

Shai Novik - In a lecture on "What is the difference between pessimistic and optimistic?" Out of 10 years of experience.

Shai Novik - What is the difference between pessimistic and optimistic?

Gilad Gans - Lecture on "Start Up - A recipe for success or failure"

Gilad Gans - Lecture on

Galit Zamler in a lecture on "Entrepreneurship - Anyone Can"

Galit Zamler is a guest entrepreneur at Global Entrepreneurship Week Galit Zamler at a lecture at the Rothberg High School

Boaz Rakocz - In a lecture called "Truth or Dare"

Boaz Rakocz a geust entrepreneur

Lin Kaplan - In a lecture on "Revolution in Accessibility for Deaf People"

Lin Kaplan - In a lecture on

Ofra Abramovitch - Founder of "Mamanet" in a lecture on "Women Entrepreneurship - Is There Such a thing?"

Ofra Abramovich Founder of Mamant is a lecturer at the Rothberg High School

Itamar Kaufman in a lecture on It's possible

Itamar Kaufman at a lecture at the Rothberg High School during the GEW Itamar Kaufman is a guest entrepreneur at the Rothberg High School in Ramat Hasharon

Itamar, 17, from Elkana tells:

"I started programming at the age of 9, self-taught via the Internet. At the age of 13, I started programming and at the age of 14, I ran a team of programmers for the first time.

My last job was with a company called EasyWay, where I headed the development team involved in the field of artificial intelligence."

Roi Ashkenazi in a lecture on "entrepreneurship is a matter of character"

Roy Ashkenazi at a lecture on Global Entrepreneurship Week Roi Ashkenazi from the Professionals company is a guest entrepreneur

Alice Miller in a lecture on "Connect to the Heart and Follow the Dreams"

Alice Miller at the GEW at the Rothberg High School Alice Miller, who broke the road to integrating women into the Air Force pilot course

Adi Zamir - on the development of breast cancer technology

Adi Zamir in a lecture at the Global Entrepreneurship Week at Rothberg High School in Ramat Hasharon

"Sadot" School in Pardes Hanna Karkur

For several years, the Sadot School has been marking the Global Entrepreneurship Week, and this year as well.

The school conducts a school ceremony, entrepreneurship classes, lectures by guest entrepreneurs who tell students about the process they have undergone so far and experiential outdoor activities for students.

The following is the Sadot school schedule for the week:

Schedule of Events for the Global Entrepreneurship Week at the

Pictures from the opening ceremony:

The opening ceremony of the GEW at the Sadot School Talmor Kloss at the opening ceremony of the GEW Students performing at the Global Entrepreneurship Week

The entrepreneur lecturers at Sadot School are:

Na'ama Shorer - spoke to third graders about her entrepreneurial process in opening a business for designed cakes, about the courage to change a profession out of a desire to do what she loves.

Na'ama Shorer old third graders about designed cakes

Einat Cohen - Lecture for third graders on natural pharmacology.

Yonatan Karni - Lecture for 6th graders on the House of Wheels.

Tamar Rosenberg - Lectures for 1st, 2nd and 4th grade students named Tami Mami.

Shai Cohen - Shared first-graders on food entrepreneurship.

Omri Gilboa - Told second graders about the invention of drips.

Omri Gilboa in a lecture on the invention of drips.

Sigal Sabag - told second graders about Sigalita, her project.

Sigal Sabag a geust entrepreneur about Sigalita

Amir Shemesh - a volunteer of the SpaceIL spacecraft shared the first-graders with the vision to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon, and possibly win the prize that Google offers.

Amir Shemesh at a lecture about SpaceIL

Anat Tessler - Activity for 2nd graders named Anat For Kids.

All the guest entrepreneurs received a certificate of appreciation from a school like this one, which Anat received.

A certificate of appreciation for the entrepreneurs from the Sadot School

Tal Bensman - Tal has an autistic child who drew paintings of animals when he was young. She kept them and when he grew up, she founded a hostel for him and his friends, where they prepare objects with the same paintings he had painted as a child and sell them, and in doing so she provided him with employment in his adulthood.

Tal Bensman in a lecture about

Vadim Drabkin - shared the importance of opinions for small businesses with fourth graders and how they can collect them.

Danny Barko - Danny invented a flight simulator, showed videos and explained how he invented it and how it works.

Danny Barko a geust entrepreneur on GEW 2017

Limor Zevulun - Lecture for the third grade on coexistence.

Eran - Lecture for fourth graders on Iron Dome.

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