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Global Entrepreneurship Week - GEW 2019
By: Galit Zamler

Global Entrepreneurship Week - GEW 2019

Entrepreneurship for Kids Program encourages marking the GEW 2019

Schools in Israel and Vietnam, partners of the educational program Entrepreneurship for Kids and Youth, are celebrating the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019 with ceremonies, workshops, hackathons, and mainly through lectures of guest entrepreneurs from a variety of fields, together with over 170 countries around the world.

This year, pupils from Vietnam who are studying the program Entrepreneurship for Kids also joined the celebration of the Global Entrepreneurs Week at the schools in Israel.

Activities in schools during the Global Entrepreneurs Week:

During this week, pupils are being exposed to stories by entrepreneurs from different fields, learning from their experience, asking them questions, and getting inspired.

Also, the pupils participate in ceremonies, classes, workshops, hackathons, and many more experiential activities, all within the field of entrepreneurship and empowerment of individuals.

Here we will update what is happening in schools marking the GEW 2019:

Participants in the EFK Vietnam

Celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Vietnam

Participants in the entrepreneurial program for children in Vietnam and their parents participate in an entrepreneurship workshop accompanied by businessmen, who share their insights as entrepreneurs with the children.

EFK program in vietnam celebrates GEW 2019

Guest entrepreneur lecture at A.D Gordon School in Kfar Saba

Ariel Kedem, the founder of the social enterprise Africa 2030, told the students about the goals of the venture, which is designed to help the Congo population.

Ariel also talked at the Be'eri School in Netanya.

Celebrating entrepreneurship at Be'eri School in Netanya

For several years now that the Be'eri school in Netanya is marking the Global Entrepreneurship Week led by Anat Alovich, the vice principal.

Planning the Global Entrepreneurship Week at Be'eri School

Sharon Guy, the inventor of the "Dafni" hair straightening brush

The children examine Dafni hairbrush The woman entrepreneur Sharon Guy in a lecture for school students

Sharon shared with the pupils how, from her own personal need to style curly hair, she invented a brush that straightens the hair.

In spite of a competitive market, the "Dafni" hair straightening brush is considered to be the best.

The pupils learned from Sharon's lecture the following:

- Do not give up on dreams

- It takes time to carry out initiatives

- And each one can initiate and invent

Itamar Smadja, a judo coach

Itamar Smadja a guest entrepreneur at school Itamar Smadja in a lecture for pupils at school

Itamar Smadja is the brother of Oren Smadja, and just like him, he's in the field of the judo training for kids and teens.

The pupils' insights from Itamar's lecture were:

- Never give up

- A person should have faith in himself and believe that he's capable

- Even if we fail in the beginning, it doesn't mean we won't succeed later

Amit Saban, A social entrepreneur

Amit Saban Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Youth for Youth Association

The students listened to Amit Saban's lecture, a social entrepreneur who founded as a result of his own personal experience, the "Youth to Youth" foundation, which helps give an initial response to shaming and bullying cases.

The pupils shared what they learned from Amit's lecture:

- If a child experience harassment, he has someone to turn to or tell.

- Never give up even if you are going through difficult times.

- At any age, you can volunteer and also initiate stuff.

Ariel Kedem, Founder of Africa 2030

Ariel Kedem tells students about the Africa 2030 project

5th-6th graders listened to Ariel Kedem's lecture, a social entrepreneur that founded the non-profit organization Africa 2030.

Ariel told the pupils about the venture that operates for the sake of the population and nature in Congo, Africa.

Ariel tells in his lecture about the beauty of Congo alongside its poverty and starvation, and how also children in Israeli schools can help the citizens over there.

All it takes is to collect bottles and cans that you can get your deposit back for, contact Ariel, and he will make sure the bottles are collected.

The name Africa 2030 represents Ariel's ambition to set a deadline to achieve the organization's goals.

Entrepreneurship Week at "De Shalit" Junior High School

"De Shalit" Junior High School is teaching the "Entrepreneurship for Kids and Youth" program led by Yosefa Salomon and Shai Abramovich.

The students listened to a lecture on the subject of patents from a mother of one of the pupils in school.

Junior High school students with a guest entrepreneur Lecture on patents for students at Israeli junior high school

The "HaDekel" School in Karmiel

Osnat Ben Yehuda, Director of the HaDekel School in Karmiel, and the entrepreneurial team invited guest entrepreneurs who told the students about their experience as entrepreneurs.

Schedule of Entrepreneurship Week at the HaDekel School

Lily Amichai - English teacher and guest entrepreneur

Lily Amichai - English teacher and guest entrepreneur

Lily is an English teacher at the school and she told the students about the family falafel venture in the Camun settlement.

The family falafel venture started thanks to her son when he was twelve years old. Today, the family falafel has become a social pastime for children and adults every Friday at noon.

Hadas Ofir - Founder of Meyda-le

Hadas Ofir - Founder of Meyda-le

Hadas Ofir stands behind the Meyda-le venture, which offers unique puzzles for children.

Hadas has developed cards with puzzles on various topics for children, parents, and anyone who wants to enjoy the game that enriches the knowledge and encourages curiosity and reading.

Simon Goldberg, Bank Hapoalim

Simon Goldberg, Bank Hapoalim

Simon Goldberg works at the Bank Hapoalim, and she told the students how a large organization also constantly innovates.

The entrepreneurs Reef Har-Even and Lidor Sabah

he entrepreneurs Reef Har-Even and Lidor Sabah

The entrepreneurs Reef Har-Even (18) and Lidor Sabah (23) set up the "Carpentry" event complex.

From an early age, Reef started building karting cars and then held events in his home yard. Later, he evolved and built the carpentry shop in a venue that belonged to his carpenter grandfather.

The Entrepreneurship Week events at "Hayovel" School in Ashdod

Pnina Weinstein, the "Hayovel" school principal in Ashdod wrote the following:

"Global Entrepreneurship Week is part of an international project that aims to encourage young entrepreneurs to choose the entrepreneurial course as a way to achieve personal and social development.

Dear community,

I'm proud to inform you that this is the third year "Hayovel" school would take part in marking the event within the "Entrepreneurship for Kids" program.

Our 5th-6th graders learn this program, in which the pupils are being exposed to the world of entrepreneurship through lectures, debates, slideshows, video segments, and fun activities.

They understand who's a successful entrepreneur, getting to know business ventures, social ventures, and so on, and mainly, getting inspired to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

During the Entrepreneurship Week, entrepreneurs will arrive and give lectures in front of 4th-6th graders.

Representatives from the 6th grade will be giving talks to the lower classes and will explain to them the subject of entrepreneurship.

Parents and grandparents who are interested in taking an active role in a lecture in front of the pupils are invited to sign-up with the class tutor.

Kind regards,
Pnina Weinstein
The School principal"

Meir Drillings - Social entrepreneur

Meir Drilling at a lecture to school students

Meir is a serial social entrepreneur.

In a lecture in front of 5th graders, he told about the success of the venture "Super Lions Team" in Lod.

The "Super Lions" is a sports team for kids from underprivileged families, and in the team setting, the kids are empowered trough the method that Meir developed.

The school's pupils showed a lot of interest in the venture and wanted to take part in it.

Galit Zamler- A business and social entrepreneur

Galit Zamler in a lecture to school students

4th graders heard from Galit the story behind the Entrepreneurship for Kids program, how it evolved from one single course she gave in her son's class, when he was a 6th grader, to an international venture.

The pupils understood that every person can be an entrepreneur and that an entrepreneur needs determination and courage to think differently from others.

ORT Shlomi School

Ronni Shtekler is an English teacher and entrepreneur, along with her pupils mark every year the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

This year, Ronni has switched to teaching full time at ORT Shlomi School and exposed her students to that week's events.

Also, the students of the gifted class listened to a lecture from a guest entrepreneur.

Guest entrepreneur - Sharon Goldbert

Sharon Goldbert a guest entrepreneur  Sharon Goldbert talks with students about entrepreneurship

Sharon is the accelerator executive of MaofTech in Tiberias and Afula, and the subject of entrepreneurship is very close to her heart.

The students learned from the lecture that there are three types of projects and that you need to fit the wanted product/service to the market in order for it to be successful.

Ronni asked the pupils to summarize what they learned from the lecture, and since she's an English teacher, the pupils wrote the summary in English.

Summary of the Entrepreneurship Lecture

Marking the Entrepreneurship Week at the ORT Urban D Junior High School

ORT Urban D Junior High School Junior High School in Modiin headed by Neta Sternshein joined for the first time this year to the list of schools that are marking the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Guest entrepreneur- Daniel Weil

Daniel Weil as a geust entrepreneur Daniel Weil is talking about entrepreneurship

The pupils listened to Daniel Weil's lecture, a serial entrepreneur, and an entrepreneurship lecturer at the Kiryat Ono Academic College.

Variety of Events at the "Ussishkin" School

The Ussishkin school is participating for the third year in the GEW, and this year the school marked the week in a variety of activities, including all the school's grades.

Among the activities, there were lectures by entrepreneurial parents and family members to 1st-3rd graders.

The activities at the Ussishkin school were organized by Miri Molcho, a pedagogical deputy at the school.

Guest entrepreneur - Meirav Reich

Meirav Reich as a guest entrepreneur

Mierav spoke about the integration of kids with special needs within the venture "The Children's Race -We're All Equal."

The lecture introduced the pupils to an unusual social project, which is based on the initiative of the school's alumni, about accommodating the other who's different and integrating him/her into society.

Presenting technological ventures

6th graders present technological ventures Sixth graders at Ussishkin School during Global Entrepreneurship Week

6th graders presented in front of 4th-5th graders the technological ventures that they initiated the previous year with the guidance of their science teacher Rubi Alon.

The younger students heard the explanations and learned about the entrepreneurial process behind the ventures.

Then, they wrote down their impressions of the process and the final products.

This session was done in preparation for the process they themselves will go through during this year.

Nimrod Yesharim - School's alumni and young entrepreneur

imrod Yesharim - School's alumni and young entrepreneur

5th-6th graders listened to a lecture by Nimrod Yesharim. Nimrod is alumni of the Ussishkin school and today a freshman at "Kalman" junior high school.

The subject of Nimrod's lecture is "From a dream to reality." In this lecture, he told the students how he got to fulfill his dream of becoming a DJ and how, from a kid's dream, he started a successful financial business.

The "Bereshit" Spacecraft Project

The Israeli

4th-6th graders listened to lectures by SpaceIL volunteers about the entrepreneurial process that preceded the lunch of "Bereshit", the morning after, and about future plans.

The GEW events at the Ron Arad High School in Rehovot

This is the first year that the Ron Arad High School marks the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

During the week 7th graders and 11th and 12th graders who are studying entrepreneurship with their teacher Itzik Ben Maimon listened to lectures by guest entrepreneurs.

Oren Yagev - A lecture on the subject of: "Starting an international company"

Oren Yagev as a guest entrepreneur lecturer

Oren is one of the cofounders of One Hour Translation, an international company for professional translation.

Galit Zamler- A lecture about the subject of: "Challenging but possible"

The pupils at the Ron Arad High School who are taking entrepreneurship classes, know about the "Entrepreneurship for Kids and Youth Program", therefore Galit has involved them in the evolution stages of the program from the moment the idea was conceived up until it becoming the Global Entrepreneurship program.

The lecture combined tips for the beginner entrepreneur, to give the teenagers the feeling that they too can leave their mark.

Within the meeting with Galit Zamler, the students presented to her their ideas for ventures and received feedback that will assist them in going ahead with the projects.

students are presenting to Galit Zamler their ideas for ventures

This week's events at Rothberg High School in Ramat Hasharon

Rothberg High School marks Gloabl Entrepreneurship Week

Roi Hamam, the multi-disciplinary course coordinator at Rothberg High school in Ramat Hasharon, has planned for the students an entrepreneurship week filled with activities.

In preparations for this week Roi wrote:

"Entrepreneurship education from an early age is possible and correct when the conception is that many of the entrepreneur's skills can be instilled.

In the tenth-grade, we will be introduced to who an entrepreneur is, we will focus on the entrepreneur as an opportunities identifier, and we will meet a variety of entrepreneurs for conversations, inspiration, and acquiring entrepreneurship tools.

In the eleventh-grade, we will hold for the second year the "Rothberg Hackathon," and at its end, the chosen startups will win an accompaniment to the National Startup Competition.

In the twelfth-grade a "Horse and a wagon" Wood Workshop will take place and will engage in creativity, thinking out of the box and entrepreneurship through wood games.

I wish all of us to have an interesting, teachable, and fun week."

Schedule GEW at Rothberg High School

GEW 2019 at at Rothberg High School

The Guest Entrepreneurs at Rothberg High School:

Kobi Blank- a lecture on the subject of: "Entrepreneurship in life and in the medical device field"

Kobi is the CEO and founder of Blank-Innovations, a development manager in medical device and Hi-Tech companies.

Kobi is a partner and an entrepreneur in the medical device field, together with a team of engineers, doctors, businessmen, and many others who brought products that changed and will change the medical field.

Their developments have made a significant improvement in the catheterization field and the finding and killing of tumor cells.

Furthermore, their inventions have helped in restoring vision to the blind, spine treatments, etc.

Yafit Efrat - Title of the lecture: "The Lion and the Rooster," the story of a social venture"

Yafit is a social entrepreneur and the founder of the social-business venture called "The Lion and the Rooster."

This is a venture in the culinary field, which is aimed to allow youth at risk to feel meaningful and valuable and getting the required tools to fit into society.

In her lecture, Yafit explains how come that after a "standard" life of engineering and business studies and project management in Hi-Tech, she took the experience and knowledge she acquired and made a career change into the world of social therapy?

She shares with the students what has worked and what didn't? And what are the similarities and differences between social venture and business venture?

Yafit explains how, with the help of passion and a will to change things, you can become entrepreneurs, even if you are not born like one of them.

Galit Zamler - A lecture on the subject of: "Entrepreneurship - challenging but possible"

Galit Zamler talks with High school students

Galit is a business and social entrepreneur. A pioneer in the field of entrepreneurship education in schools.

Galit has developed an entrepreneurship program for kids and youth that is being taught in dozens of schools in Israel and around the world.

Eylon Sorek - The subject of the lecture: "The challenges of an entrepreneur who establishes and runs a startup company."

Eylon is the founder and CEO of the Skyx company, which develops technology for planning and piloting a modular swarm of autonomous drones for spraying.

The economic and environmental innovation in the solution that the company is developing comes from the dramatic reduction in the use of pesticides and as a result of the cooperation between these drones.

This is the third startup company that Eylon has founded.

Assaf Frenkel - A lecture on the subject of: "Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship"

Assaf is active in the world of startups, investments, merges, and purchases for over 20 years now.

Today, Assaf is an entrepreneur and the CEO of the company "SeeTrue.AI." In the past, he invested in Gemini and Moonscape venture capital, and he was the CEO of an artificial intelligence startup "Mybitat" and a business unit manager at NICE.

Celebrations this week at the Sadot School in Pardes Hanna Karkur

All of the Sadot school pupils are taking part in this week's events. The pupils participate in a variety of workshops and lectures.

Every year, the school holds a ceremony about entrepreneurship in the presence of all of the pupils.

The schedule for the Entrepreneurship Week at the Sadot school:

Entrepreneurship Week Events at Sadot school

This is an original song written by Lilach Evron, especially for the opening ceremony of the Global Entrepreneurship Week at the school.

The song tells a little about the social initiatives and the ventures of the pupils.

original song written by Lilach Evron, especially for the opening ceremony of the Global Entrepreneurship Week

Yad Mordechai school in Bat-Yam

The pupils of the "Yad Mordechai" school in Bat Yam are marking again this year the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

In charge of organizing the GEW and inviting the guest entrepreneurs is Moran Sofer, the coordinator of entrepreneurship.

Global entrepreneuship week at Isaeli schools

The Entrepreneurship Week was opened with a festive ceremony of 4th graders and in the presence of all the school's pupils.

In the ceremony, inventions and developments of famous entrepreneurs were mentioned.

Entrepreneurship Week Ceremony at Yad Mordechai School in Bat Yam

Dov Moran- A serial entrepreneur

Dov Moran sends useful greetings and advice to our students

Dov Moran sent a recorded video message with greetings and helpful bits of advice for the school's pupils:

"I'm Dov Moran, the inventor of the DOK.

This invention was developed with the help of a lot of good people and with a lot of effort.

I'm very proud of this invention. You may think I was lucky or that I was a genius, but I wasn't.

I was a pretty good student. I worked very hard and put a lot of effort.

There were many obstacles along the way. There were things I tried and didn't come out well.

It was hard. The road to success wasn't easy.

But when you succeed, it's a wonderful and great thing, and worth the effort of the learning journey and the persistence.

I wish you all to be good entrepreneurs, be good creators, and, most importantly, be humans.

I wish that you'll make a real value to yourselves, to your family, to the people of Israel and all world."

Meir, The founder of "Fat Meir's kitchen"

Meir, The founder of

Every year Meir arrives at Yad Mordechai's school in Bat Yam and tells the pupils how the idea to establish "Fat Meir's kitchen" was born.

This year, 1st graders listened to Meir, telling how the kitchen provides sandwiches for the good of children from disadvantaged families.

Also, children can come and eat a hot meal at the kitchen's complex.

Noam Horev- A composer and songwriter

Noam Horev with a message to Yad Mordechai School students in Bat Yam

The school's students met the creator, composer, and songwriter Noam Horev.

His personal story inspired them.

The pupils identified with the important message of the story, "Ziona only has one wing" and engaged in an activity on the subject.

Noam sent a video to the pupils with the following message:

"Never, never, never stop believing in yourselves, don't stop trying and fulfilling your dreams.

I, too, was once a kid at your age, and I had many dreams, and I didn't give up.

I went all the way with what I believe in, and in the end, my dreams came true.

I truly wish you a successful road filled with challenges, and I'm counting on you that you will overcome any obstacle."

Yaniv Orbach- A business and personal coach

Yaniv Orbach- A business and personal coach

Yaniv Orbach at a lecture to children at school

Yaniv gave an empowering lecture in front of 5th graders about coaching, decision making, and executing them.

Einat Shamir- Yarn crafter

Einat Shamir- Yarn crafter at Yad Mordechai school

Einat accompanies the "Entrepreneurship for Kids" program for a couple of years as a guest entrepreneur.

This year Einat delivered a workshop for the 1st graders in the school, the pupils had a lot of fun and got a sense of capability.

Pnina Joy Nehaisi of the TopEduGames company

Pnina Joy Nehaisi from TopEduGames company Pnina Joy Nehaisi during the GEW2019

2nd graders met with Pnina Joy Nehaisi of the TopEduGames company, who explained to the pupils how you could transform the learning to experience through familiar computer games such as Minecraft and Roblox.

Galit Zamler - Founder of EFK program

Galit Zamler talks about the EFK program Galit Zamler on a lecture during GEW

Galit Zamler shared the developing process of the "Entrepreneurship for Kids" program with the 3rd graders, and together they came to the insight that there is no connection between excelling in school to the ability to succeed in the entrepreneurial field.

Anat Farkash - The founder of "Tom's Orchard"

Anat Farkash as a guest entrepreneur at school

Anat Farkash is the mother of the late Tom Farkash, who died during the Second Lebanon War.

Anat told the pupils about the project she established to honor his memory on the Carmel beach called "Tom's Orchard."

The Orchard is a magical place that serves as an experiential learning center to impart knowledge and values for environment preservation and co-existence between man and nature.

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