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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015
By: Galit Zamler

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015

celebrating the global entrepreneurship week in Israeli schools

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 took place in over 150 countries around the world, including Israel, on the 15th-22nd of November 2015.

The Entrepreneurship for Kids takes part in GEW 2015 through schools that educate for entrepreneurship and participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

This year, various ceremonies, workshops, activities, lectures from entrepreneurs in different areas, and a school-wide Hackathon took place in schools.

As every year, a presentation was prepared to explain the nature of the GEW, the events that take place during the week in Israel and abroad, and the role of the schools in this week.

These schools marked the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015:

The guest entrepreneurs who took part in the week and shared their entrepreneurial experience in enriching lectures for students are:

The entrepreneurs received wonderful thank you letters from the schools in which they participated during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

At the event for the GEW Israeli community, Galit Zamler received a certificate for her work with schools.

credential GEW

Just a few of the many activities that took place in schools during GEW 2015:

Ofira Navon School in Kfar Saba

Since the 2015-16 school year, a group of students at the Ofira Navon school has been learning through the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program.

The teacher, Dana Ben Shitrit, taught the students a class on entrepreneurship and so exposed them to the existence of GEW.

Ilanot School in Ashkelon

This year, Ilanot school joined the schools that teach entrepreneurship, and implement the EFK program.

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, the school's students participated in entrepreneurship lessons.

Alumot School in Tel Aviv

This year, Alumot school took part in GEW for the first time.

During this week, students were exposed to projects from various areas: the spaceship project, the peas and carrots project, the technology project, art in threads, directing and narration.

Be'eri School in Netanya

This year, Be'eri school began teaching the modules of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program and took part in Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The school's students heard lectures from guest entrepreneurs and participated in entrepreneurship lessons.

GEW at school

HaManhil School in Ramat Gan

HaManhil school in Ramat Gan educates for leadership and entrepreneurship and took part in GEW for the first time this year.

The teacher Michal Mamman contacted many entrepreneurs who came to the school to inspire third to eighth graders.

Harel School in Bat Yam

Since the 2015-16 school year, the Harel school in Bat-Yam has joined the schools that encourage entrepreneurship education.

This year, the school participated in this week with guest entrepreneurs who inspired the students.

Yad Mordechai School in Bat Yam

Yad Mordechai school has been taking part in Global Entrepreneurship Week for several years.

The school held an entrepreneurial ceremony, and its students heard lectures by entrepreneurs from various fields.

GEW primary school

Katznelson School in Kfar Sirkin

This is the second year Katznelson school has taken part in this week.

During the week, 6th graders began taking entrepreneurship lessons through the EFK Program.

Mordei HaGeta'ot School in Ramat Gan

Mordei HaGeta'ot school celebrates GEW every year.

GEW in school

This year, the school also invited guest entrepreneurs to share their experiences with its students.

On every classroom blackboard, the guest entrepreneurs saw their picture alongside information about their lecture and their field of work. This way the students knew who the lecturer was and what was the subject of the lecture.

A slideshow summarizing Global Entrepreneurship Week at Mordei HaGeta'ot school:

Noam Mohaliver School in Bnei Brak

GEW 2015 at school

This is the second year that Noam Mohaliver school in Bnei Brak has noted GEW. This time with a focus on social entrepreneurship.

During the week, students heard lectures from guest entrepreneurs and took part in lessons on entrepreneurship.

The Noam Mohaliver school is collecting project ideas from students:

I have an idea

Ironi A School in Modi'in

Ironi A school first marked the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

During the week, a group of students participated in the entrepreneurship class and heard a lecture by a guest entrepreneur.

Aliyot School in Ramat Gan

At Aliyot school in Ramat Gan, 4th-grade students have entrepreneurship classes with the teacher Levana Greenfeld.

This was the second year that the school took part in GEW with a weekly lesson and a lecture from a guest entrepreneur.

Kaplan School in Petah Tikva

Kaplan school in Petah Tikva is the first school in Israel to take part in Global Entrepreneurship Week, and this year they also took part in a variety of activities:

An opening ceremony, a Hackathon, lectures from guest entrepreneurs, the launch of empowerment and entrepreneurship programs, entrepreneurial graffiti, workshops on developing creative thought and leadership, entrepreneurship fair, an entrepreneurship party, and community involvement.

Gew at Kaplan school

Ramot Weizmann School in Yavne

This was the third year that Ramot Weizmann school in Yavne celebrated GEW through a festive ceremony and entrepreneurial lectures for the students.

At the end of the week, an article was published in Yavne's local newspaper.

This is a part of the article:

"The guest lecturers spoke about education, business, and social projects and shared their ideas, failures, and successes.

The students greatly enjoyed the film clips that were shown to them and understood the overall message that one should not give up dreams and that when you want to initiate something you should not be afraid."

Some comments from the students:

Itamar - To be an entrepreneur you need to think outside the box.

Uri - Every idea begins by believing in yourself.

Yuval: We got the courage to try, to dare to develop something.

Alon: I understood that entrepreneurship is a long process, there are hardships along the way, but you can't give up on dreams.

Sadot school in Pardes Hana Karkur

Sadot school is a growing school that teaches innovative entrepreneurship.

The school participated in its first GEW with a morning school-wide assembly and entrepreneurship classes. They connected Ben Gurion Memorial Day with the theme of entrepreneurial vision, with guest entrepreneurs, lectures from parents, workshops and games from the entrepreneurial world, and a school-wide creativity-themed activity.

The guest entrepreneurs at Sadot school:

GEW at Sadot school

The guest entrepreneurs who took part

One way to mark Global Entrepreneurship Week is with lectures by entrepreneurs who visit schools and share their entrepreneurial experience with young students.

This is an opportunity to thank the many entrepreneurs who volunteered to come to schools and share their experience with the students.

The SpaceIL spaceship project

Space IL

This is the third year that volunteers from the Israeli spaceship project are cooperating with the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program. They are reaching schools that are implementing the program to tell about the spacecraft project, to engage students in the dream of the moon landing and the desire to specialize in science and space research.

This year, the volunteers came to the following schools: Alumot in Tel Aviv, HaManhil in Ramat Gan, Mordei HaGeta'ot in Ramat Gan and Be'eri in Netanya.

Danny Deutsch is visiting schools for the third year as part of the entrepreneurship week, and this year he lectured in the Alumot school in Tel Aviv.


Orna Jacobson, the entrepreneurship coordinator at the Alumot school, wrote the following about the lecture: The children enjoyed the lecture very much, asked questions and were interested. I highly recommend it!

Assaf, another volunteer from the spaceship project, reached the Be'eri school in Netanya, where the students were also very interested and asked questions.

Assaf at the Be'eri school:

Space IL GEW

Roy Benjamin one of the lecturers' team at SpaceIL reached the HaManhil school in Ramat Gan twice during Global Entrepreneurship Week for several lectures, thus all students from grades 3rd to 8th heard the lecture on the Israeli spaceship.

GEW Space IL

Sivan Yitzhak is lecturing about the spaceship project in entrepreneurial schools for the second year during GEW.

Sivan at Mordei HaGeta'ot school in Ramat Gan with 4th graders:

Space IL lecture

Guest Entrepreneur: Innon Boim, Founder of PTNeto Portal

Innon during his lecture to students at HaManhil school in Ramat Gan:

Innon Boim lecture

Innon was a guest lecturer at three schools: Kaplan school in Petah Tikva, Mordei HaGeta'ot school in Ramat Gan and HaManhil school in Ramat Gan. Thank you very much!

In his lectures, Innon spoke about his work as CEO and owner of Simple Finance, a senior economist, an entrepreneur, a lecturer and economic success mentor for families and business. He is a proud resident of Petah Tikva, who decided to develop the Petah Tikva portal as an online platform to provide information to residents of Petah Tikva and the surrounding area.

PTNeto Portal is considered the most popular online portal in the city and includes objective information on everything happening there. The portal has set itself the goal of becoming a home for small businesses in Petah Tikva as well.

In the portal, Innon also writes about educational events, including Global Entrepreneurship Week.

In the PTNeto Portal one can advertise events and write articles/blogs, add oneself to business directory and write on different message boards (organized by type of business), such as real estate, wanted ads, cars, etc. In addition, it is possible to help sponsor or cooperate with events taking place within the portal.

Innon says, using the Simple Finance method I successfully direct my clients and provide them with a practical solution, through which they can forget about over drafting, relax and follow their personal dreams, like an international vacation, a home makeover, festive events, education for their kids, retirement and more. Thanks to the Simple Finance system my clients are mindful of their cash flow and fully control it.

Innon used the experience and knowledge he gathered as a financial advisor to develop a finance course for schools.

Innon during his lecture at Kaplan school:

Innon Boim GEW

Guest Entrepreneur Keren Biler from the Women's Council Project

Keren at Be'eri school:

Keren Biler lecture

Keren is the mother of a student at Be'eri school in Netanya, and she gave a lecture on the Women's Council Project in which she participates.

Ilanit Beno, Owner of A Taste of More Catering

Ilanit Beno

Ilanit volunteered as a lecturer for the third year during Global Entrepreneurship Week, this time at Weizmann school in Yavne.

Ilanit shared her story with the students, speaking about how she began her project in confectionery and catering.

"I always had a taste for design and beauty, and from a young age, I loved baking cakes and cookies, cooking for family and friends and decorating cakes for birthdays and family events.

At some point, I decided to turn the hobby into a career, so I studied design and confectionery and later specialized in chocolate and desserts.

Today I specialize in baking cakes and cookies, cooking and baking by order, cooking and baking with chocolate and running workshops."

A Taste of More Catering is located in Rehovot and is a dairy catering for private customers and events of up to 100 people.

Guest Entrepreneur: Menahem Bordaty, Entrepreneurship in Israel and Abroad

Menahem Bordaty

Menachem shared his vast experience with students from Ironi A school in Modi'in.

In his lecture, he spoke about the differences between doing business in Israel and abroad, why some Israelis struggle to succeed in Israel, but succeed abroad, and how one can improve the chance for success of their project in Israel.

Guest Entrepreneur Michal Brotfeld Art in Threads

Michal Brotfeld

This was Michal's second year as a guest lecturer. This year, Michal lectured at Noam Mohaliver school in Bnei Brak and at Yad Mordechai school in Bat Yam.

Michal spoke about how she moved from her work in public relations to become a business owner in an area she had loved for many years - art in threads.

Michal shares her experience with the children, speaking about her work as an entrepreneur, the process of defining a target audience, marketing to a target audience, the challenges she has met and overcome, or still deals with, how she uses Facebook to market her business, and how she distinguishes Art in Threads from other businesses in the same field.

Read about Michal's first lecture in 2013 here.

Guest Entrepreneur Almog Gold Rothenberg, The Pea and Carrot brigade Creator

Almog Gold Rothenberg

Photo by Maya Havkin

Almog Gold Rothenberg established The Pea and Carrot brigade in order to help families, children, fathers, and mothers enjoy healthy food, feel better about themselves and achieve greater things through eating.

Almog has a Master's degree in behavioral science and studied natural nutrition.

She developed her business after losing 17 kilograms and improving her blood test results through healthier eating. She is the mother of a teenager who took part in her nutritional transformation, and a toddler who was born into healthy eating.

The Pea and Carrot

Today Almog sees private patients in Tel Aviv, leads a workshop on healthy eating for women and mothers, and serves as a guest lecturer. She also writes for Yediot Acharonot and the health portal Eatwell, and most importantly - she eats well.

Almog told students at Alumot school in Tel Aviv how her idea for the successful business came from a bag of frozen vegetables that she took out of the freezer, and revealed her secret business advisor (hint: he's 13).

Guest Entrepreneur: Netanel Dagami - Serial Entrepreneur

Netanel visited the Mordei HaGeta'ot school in Ramat Gan as a guest entrepreneur.

Netanel Dagami

Natanel Dagami, a 26-year-old from Ramat Gan says, I began my way in business right after my army service.

The first company we started (me and my partner) is a current events portal dealing with Mediterranean music.

Among the modules included in the portal are: updated current events from the genre, coverage of events, independent media production, increasing exposure and promotion of new media, and more.

Afterward, we started an additional company that deals in building websites, phone applications, managing new media for companies, graphics, branding and so on.

After that, we merged with a company that develops and promotes companies' business, and together we started a management group with shared ownership, whose purpose is to expand the business of all of its members. From here, we began purchasing companies that have been running for some time and required new management to revive them.

Guest Entrepreneur Liat Henriette Zilber - Developer of Milat Hayom Kit

Liat Henriette Zilber

Liat is a guest entrepreneur for the second year. This year, she lectured at Noam Mohaliver school in Bnei Brak.

Liat was forced to interrupt her work as a successful dance and movement teacher and as a reflexologist due to arthritis.

In her lecture to the students, Liat spoke about how she found the strength to cheer herself up after this, and how to cheer others on.

Liat produced a card kit and published the book Milat Hayom (word of the day) - each word inspires and drives people to action, making their day more positive.

Liat funded the book's production through fundraising, which she also spoke about with the students, telling them how the fundraising happened, what supporters received, the book's launch and the excitement that came with it, and her plans for the future.

Milat Hayom

Guest Entrepreneur Galit Zamler - Team Work

Galit Zamler

Galit Zamler, business, and social entrepreneur, developed the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program and manages the running of Global Entrepreneurship Week in schools across the country.

Galit's lecture was about the individual, the team and teamwork.

In the lecture, students learn through a game about how peer pressure affects them, and about the importance of teamwork for a project's success.

Galit at Sadot school and at Kaplan school:

GEW Galit Zamler

Guest Entrepreneur Doron Zexer- The First Social Shopping Mall

Social Shopping Mall

Doron has been lecturing as a guest entrepreneur for a few years, and this year he reached Har'el and Yad Mordechai schools in Bat-Yam.

Doron founded the first social shopping mall.

The first social shopping mall offers products and services from social business to potential buyers in two main methods:

- Selling a Good Coupon, a social coupon for organizations to use at the first social shopping mall.

- Selling products and services directly to customers who choose to buy and do good.

Doron at his lecture at Harel school:

Doron Zexer

Guest Entrepreneur Sigal Yaron- Following the Child's Footsteps Method Developer

Sigal Yaron

Sigal came to Ramot Weizmann school in Yavne as a guest entrepreneur, and shared her with the students, speaking about the challenges she has faced, her faith in herself and her project, and how, through determination, diligence, creativity and more, one can succeed as an entrepreneur.

Sigal developed the Following the Child's Footsteps method which allows adults (educators/parents) to see the world through a child's eyes in order to promote a respectful and beneficial relationship with children.

The method was developed with the understanding that dialogue, free will and freedom (physical and mental) allow children to grow into self-confident and happy adults.

The method urges parents to provide for children's needs and feelings rather than fight to control them and demand discipline, coercion, and compliance. It comes from a parental and educational desire to allow the Little Prince (the inner me), which exists in every child and adult, to get a place of honor in our lives.

One central premise of the method is that children have a natural curiosity to learn and get to know the world without preconceived notions.

They are eager to learn from their environment independently, as can be seen in the needs pyramid created by In the Child's Footsteps, and oppose direct learning. As such, the method creates an experience-based environment based on the child's interests, from which the child will learn and reach his potential in all levels - emotional, mental, motor and social.

Sigal in Ramot Weizmann school:

Sigal Yaron lecture

Guest Entrepreneur Yossi Katz, Yossiversita Founder

Yossi Katz

Last year, Yossi took part in lectures during Global Entrepreneurship Week, and this year he was invited to Noam Mohaliver school in Bnei Brak. He spoke to the students about what led him to establish the Yossiversita center.

"I'm not an expert in entrepreneurship; I do what my heart tells me. I know that for a project to be established you need a new idea that has a demand. The entrepreneur needs to stick to his goals, know how to make decisions, sometimes be brave and to be focused on his goals.

The realization that I want to help kids hit me when I was 12; my mother, who is a psychologist, left an article on the table and I, who loved to read, read it. The article was about a student in London who was unpopular, and during a field trip, no group wanted her to sleep in their tent. When the girl spoke to the trip organizers, they sent her to a different room where she was alone. The next morning everyone searched for the girl, who had run away and left a note in her room saying, 'A human stayed in this room, not a monkey'.

And so after reading this article in 7th grade, I knew that all I wanted to do in life was making people feel better so that they could follow their dreams."

Later, Yossi studied Psychology, diagnosed many people and became a popular lecturer. But he says, I never felt that I was achieving my dream.

After a workshop for parents of children with ADHD, Yossi understood that all a child needs is one adult who believes in him/her.

Yossi believes that there is a spark in every student and that everyone has a dream. He urges everyone not to fear to realize their dreams, not to allow fear to take charge, and only then change will come, and with it, opportunities for growth.

Guest Entrepreneur Rotem Laniado - Technological Project

Rotem Laniado

Rotem is a high school student in Ramat HaSharon who established an entrepreneurship center in his school, called Together.

The center is a place for students and teens to promote entrepreneurial ideas.

Rotem's project won the support of the school's administration as well as that of the city's department of education.

Rotem during his lecture to students at Mordei HaGeta'ot school:

Rotem Laniado lecturer

Guest Entrepreneur Ronit Meiri - Yes You Can

Yes You Can

This is the second year that Ronit is participating as a guest entrepreneur, this time at Kaplan school in Petah Tikva, in an activity aimed to empower students.

Ronit is a personal trainer for achieving goals, empowerment, and self-image.

Through her work, she empowers and teaches people to believe in themselves and their abilities, and to connect with the forces that help them.

During their meeting with her, students made a vision, encouraged individuality, did good deeds and more.

Ronit Meiri

Guest Entrepreneur Almog Moskovitz - Technological Entrepreneur

Almog Moskovitz

Almog is a startup entrepreneur and one of the founders of SeatApp.

Almog is the son of a teacher at Be'eri school in Netanya and was invited as a guest entrepreneur to tell his story to the students.

During his lecture, he told the students how to identify demand, how to create a business plan and how to fulfill the dream of developing a project.

Guest Entrepreneur Sharon Mu'alem - Social and Business Entrepreneur

Sharon has been cooperating with the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program since she began her career. Like every year, she came to share her experiences as an entrepreneur with students.

Sharon is a partner in EVT SPORT, an online sports project.

In her lecture, she openly spoke to the students about how she made her way with her startup partners, from the initial interview up until today.

Additionally, the project was presented to the students and they participated in athletic activity, in the spirit of the project.


Sharon is also the founder of the social project, Tal Shel Tikva- a fund for children with kidney disease.

Tal Shel Tikva

In her lectures, Sharon speaks about what is actually a social enterprise? Who benefits from it?, what she does in the project, and how she came to develop the project.

She also answers questions like, who do we work for and how? How do we convince investors? How can the children help themselves? What do we develop for the children? And how does the fund benefit from this?

At the end of the lecture, the children received a small gift of water bottles after they had discussed the importance of keeping children hydrated.

Sharon suggested that the school takes part in one of Tal Shel Tikva's activities; Before Hannukah we have made small gift packages for the children from the fund.

We make about 300 packages that are distributed to six hospitals around Israel. I would be happy if the children from the school would join in preparing the gift packages.

You can put anything in the package that would occupy and cheer the children up during their dialysis treatment. Other than candy, I left the choice open to yours and the children's imaginations.

Guest Entrepreneur Ran Ne'eman - Technological Entrepreneur

Ran has been taking part in Global Entrepreneurship Week as a guest lecturer for a few years, this year at Alumot school in Tel Aviv and Harel school in Bat Yam.

The subject of his lecture was the mistakes you will make as entrepreneurs. A review of lessons learned in establishing a project adapted to the children's content worlds.

Ran during his lecture at Alumot school:

Ran Ne'eman

Ran has 20 years of high-tech experience in various companies and startups.

Ran is a co-founder of Accells, a company that developed a system for user authentication through mobile phones. The system Accells is used to strengthen the entry to networks, remote access systems, and cash registers. The company was sold to Ping Identity in 2013.

Today Ran manages identity, holding and mobile products at Ping Identity.

Ran during his lecture at Harel school:

Ran Ne'eman lecturer

Guest Entrepreneur Sivan Nachum - Developer of the Mitti Kit

Sivan was a guest lecturer at Kaplan school in Petah Tikva.

Sivan Nachum

Sivan partnered with Lilach Bernstein. They both identified the needs of new parents and developed the Mitti kit - a kit that attaches to the handles of a baby carriage and meets the immediate needs of parents, incorporating their daily needs with technology.

Sivan is a third-year student of business administration and marketing at a management school, and says this about herself:

"Until now, I worked as a customer service manager at Go Active and currently I am working on starting a business in advertising and marketing for small and medium businesses.

I began my way as an entrepreneur during a management course at the college with Professor Daphna Kariv."

This is the first model of the Mitti kit:

Mitti kit

Guest Entrepreneur Yoav Naim - One of the founders of School TV Channel Project OGERTV

Yoav is one of the founders of a unique project called OGERTV, which combines advanced learning with project-oriented activities and urges the students to take part in entrepreneurial activities and experiences while incorporating creative and innovative thought.

The project teaches students about communication, television, advanced media, production and journalism.

The project produces a TV channel that is aired at the school. The channel is produced by the OGERTV team with help from the students, who learn from their experience.

The students research, interview, write, brainstorm, take part in production and star in the show themselves in a variety of roles: as presenters, broadcasters, journalists and more.

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, Yoav visited four schools Be'eri in Netanya, Alumot in Tel Aviv, Yad Mordechai and Har'el in Bat Yam. In his lecture, he spoke to the students about the project he'd developed, how he came up with the idea and how the project is managed.

Yoav at Be'eri school in Netanya and at Har'el school in Bat Yam:

Yoav Naim

Guest Entrepreneur: Amit Saban - Young Technological Entrepreneur

Amit Saban

Amit was invited to be a guest lecturer for 8th graders at HaManhil school.

In his lecture, Amit spoke to the students about the process he underwent and is still going through with the smart disc project.

"My name is Amit Saban, I'm 16 and a half years old, from Ramat HaSharon, and I'm an 11th grader at the Holon High School. I studied law for two years at Tel Aviv University. Lately, I have been developing a unique startup that aims to prevent the kidnapping of soldiers and citizens.

The startup is a smart disc that I developed. When a soldier or citizen feels unsafe, in danger or is kidnapped, they press the smart disc that I developed and so their location will be sent to the IDF and to our nation's security systems. Currently, the location and signal of the danger are sent to a computer program that I developed.

A few words about me:

I believe that nothing stands in the way of willpower.

No one should have to give up his or her dreams and projects.

We need to remember that sometimes, someone else's opinion of us should not become our reality..."

Guest Entrepreneur Navot Inbar Green Entrepreneurship

Navot Inbar

Navot at an experiential lecture about green entrepreneurship for 3rd graders at Be'eri school in Netanya.

Guest Entrepreneur: Itamar Kaufman - Technological Entrepreneur

Itamar was a guest lecturer for students at Mordei HaGeta'ot school in Ramat Gan.

Itamar Kaufman

Itamar Kaufman is almost 16 and was born on 1.1.2000.

Itamar likes to solve problems and enjoys new technologies and wearable technologies.

Despite his young age, Itamar has an impressive record:

A serial entrepreneur who has managed to establish 13 startup companies before starting PlaceIt, where he is the CEO. He also organized the world's first smart homes Hackathon, which took place at the Google offices in Tel Aviv and was copied in San Francisco.

He has won 12 programming marathons.

His company won the Prime Minister's office award and tries to take all transportation tickets like the Rav-Kav and transfer them to smartphones.

Additionally, he organized the world's first programming marathon for Facebook's Parse platform in Israel.

Over the years, he has learned to find sponsors and network. Thanks to these ties, until recently, he worked at The BitBite company as the Android development team manager and received additional job offers but had to turn them down due to his studies.

Itamar says: "I'm homeschooled because my parents and I decided that it's more convenient for me and this way I will be able to finish my studies as quickly as possible.

Guest Entrepreneur: Netanel Rozman - Capsula (Capsule) Founder

Netanel Rozman

Netanel Rozman is a coordinator of social entrepreneurship and business. He is studying for his Bachelor's degree in education and social business management at Seminar HaKibbutzim and works as a personal trainer for teenagers.

In his talk with Be'eri school students in Netanya, he spoke about the entrepreneurial world with an emphasis on the world of social entrepreneurship and social business, as well as on the work Capsula is doing.

Capsula is a shared workspace for people and ideas. It is a unique and a youthful work environment which includes: a quiet workspace, a meeting room, a conference room, an equipped kitchen and a nice roof to rest on.

The members of Capsula benefit from opportunities to meet, network and cooperate with young entrepreneurs from different fields.

Within this context, Capsula works to raise awareness of entrepreneurship, specifically social entrepreneurship in Netanya. Therefore, Capsula offers free weekly lectures to entrepreneurs, as well as personal training, fairs, conferences on the topic, and more.

Netanel during his lecture at Be'eri school:

Netanel Rozman lecturer

Guest Entrepreneur Danny Sharon - Danny the Magician

Danny at Noam Mohaliver school

Danny Sharon

This was the second year that Danny participated as a guest lecturer. This time at Noam Mohaliver school in Bnei Brak.

Danny set up his own business in the field of juggling and magic. A business that began as a hobby while Danny worked as a computer systems analyst for 30 years, and managed a computer unit for a large company for more than 20 years.

After work, Danny picked up juggling and would practice 2-3 hours a day.

After a few years of practice, he became a professional and began performing as a professional juggler.

Three years ago, he decided to open his own business in juggling and magic, left his secure workplace, and dedicated his time and resources to build a business plan. (Market research, finances, marketing system and more...)

According to this plan he built his business. Danny explained that it's important to have a relative advantage in your business, and his advantage was that he himself was the magician and juggler, meaning that he understood the field and could advise customers that came to him using his relevant experience.

The business plan included setting a target audience, and because not many people are interested in circus accessories, he decided to direct his business at children as they like magic.

Guest Entrepreneur: Tamir Schwartz - Technological Entrepreneur

Tamir during his lecture at HaManhil school in Ramat Gan

Tamir Schwartz

Tamir lectured at two schools: Mordei HaGeta'ot school, where his children are students, and HaManhil school in Ramat Gan.

Tamir studied information systems engineering at the Technion and holds a graduate degree in law.

Tamir says that for seven years, he worked at Matrix as a senior project manager and as a development and design department manager.

For the last few years, he has been an entrepreneur and works on many startups, some which he began and raised funds for them.

Tamir's lecture was about a project rising and falling.

The lecture opened with a game where students had to shoot a large ball into a narrow basket- it was assumed that the students would not be successful.

Then Tamir asked them to offer solutions to the situation, and the conclusion was that it's possible to shoot the ball into the basket if the rules are changed.

In this way, Tamir showed the students that entrepreneurs don't say it's hard or it's impossible, but see hardship as a challenge and something that can be solved and overcome.

Guest Entrepreneur: Carmi Sternberg - Technological Entrepreneur

Carmi at HaManhil school in Ramat Gan

Carmi Sternberg

Carmi lectured at HaManhil school and at Mordei HaGeta'ot school in Ramat Gan.

Carmi is a high-tech entrepreneur who was trained at the Center for Computing and Information Systems. He worked as a programmer at interesting high-tech companies, founded a number of startup businesses in the areas of energy, applications, programs, teaching, and more. He is a startup consultant for entrepreneurs, a trainer at high-tech companies and more.

He is married with three kids, lives in Ramat Gan, He has been an entrepreneur since at a young age, and is now raising young entrepreneurs at home.

In his lecture: From Idea to Product. Carmi spoke about the entrepreneurial world in a practical and realistic light, about motivation and understanding the process of making an idea into a product.

Carmi at Mordei HaGeta'ot school in Ramat Gan.

Carmi Sternberg lecturer

Guest Entrepreneur Einat Shamir - Shoval Hats and Accessories

Einat Shamir

This is the second year that Einat is lecturing at Global Entrepreneurship Week. Her business, Shoval Hats and Accessories is being developed and improved with time, and as it does, she shares the process of the business development with the students.

Einat says:

"I've always loved crafting and learning new things. I was especially drawn to thread-work, and the huge variety included in that, (and to the fact that it is related to fashion, and that the materials don't make your hands dirty).

I began collecting samples at a young age, I learned all I could, and I researched in books and magazines, and also in the last few years on the internet as well.

I designed and invented and combined materials on types of creativity; I checked how things are built so I could diversify and renovate them.

When I decided to found a business, I wanted to continue to do exactly what I love.

It was a long process which ended with a business made up of products that I design and create by hand (mostly jewelry and fashion accessories).

I also give lessons where I teach children and adults to knit, cross-stitch, crochet, weave, tie and more, and to create small and cute things.

I also have weaving kits from which anyone can learn at home, and with which people can create, and I developed a series of team building exercises where a group of participants turns into a human loom."

Einat Shamir lecturer

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