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GEW 2021 in Israeli Schools
By: Galit Zamler

GEW 2021 in Israeli Schools

Entrepreneurship for Kids Program encourages marking the GEW 2021

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021 takes place in about 180 countries worldwide, as well as in Israel with a hybrid, virtual, and face-to-face event.

During this week, Israeli schools held hackathons, workshops, lectures, and creative activities.

The following schools contacted Galit Zamler and shared that they mark the week in variety ways:

Here are some of the events Galit Zamler participated in and some of the photos that were sent to us.

The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange hosted the opening event of Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange hosted the opening event of Global Entrepreneurship Week

A festive event opened the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Israel at the opening of trading at the Stock Exchange.

Students representing various schools around the country attended the event, and distinguished speakers and entrepreneurs shared their entrepreneurial journeys with attendees.

Students representing various schools around the country attended the event

Galit Zamler was also invited to lead a round table with students from the Entrepreneurship program at Ron Arad High School. We discussed whether we have skills from the entrepreneurship arena, how important they are, and to what extent they are required.

Galit then described her experience with the Scale Challenge of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program and how she transformed the program from a one-class initiative to an international entrepreneurship program.

Galit Zamler took part in the opening event of GEW at the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange

Ussishkin School in Ramat HaSharon

Global Entrepreneurship Week events at Ussishkin School in Ramat Hasharon

Ussishkin School celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week every year with events that promote innovation and creativity among students.

Pedagogical deputy Miri Molcho led the week's events with the assistance of parents' leadership.

Workshops, creative thinking, initiating, acting, and dreaming were all part of the week's activities.

A parent at the school, Dovi Katz, gave a fascinating lecture on robotics and artificial intelligence to students in the sixth grade.

Third-grade students took part in an experiential workshop that includes making bracelets and hairstyles, conducted by Riley Shevach Kaczynski, a fifth-grader.

Under the guidance of teacher and program leader Ruby Alon, Spice Startups students from the sixth grade delivered activities about environmental and social issues related to space for students in third and fourth grades.

a hackathon at the Ussishkin School

Students in 5th grade attended a hackathon event during which they had to create a product or come up with a venture that could be used in two or more ways. Students had to work in groups, make decisions, and stand in front of an audience under time pressure.

Four of the ten teams tackling the challenging task excelled in the following areas: creativity, eco-friendliness, winning presentation, and collaboration.

Along with the various events and activities, classes also focused on entrepreneurial and creative thinking.

Be'eri School in Netanya

Several entrepreneurs shared their experiences with the students at the Be'eri School in Netanya, run by Amalia Holvinger and uniqueness coordinator Anat Elovich:

Yuval Massuri, a volunteer in the Bereshit spacecraft project - SpaceIL, spoke to the students about the spacecraft and how they continue to be motivated after the first failure.

Yuval Massuri talks about the Bereshit spacecraft project - SpaceIL

This year, as in previous years, the school also invited social entrepreneur Amit Saban to share the story of the association he founded, Youth for Youth, following a personal experience.

Amit Saban shares with the students the story of the association Youth for Youth

Ayala Geron is another entrepreneur who was first hosted at the school.

Ayala works in the high-tech industry. She invented and developed two board games that have gained international acclaim. Additionally, she is a social entrepreneur.

Ayala Geron in a lecture to students at the Be'eri School

Rachel Avigad's "Good Point" project was also presented to the students. Rachel talked about the project's benefits to the dialogue between parents, teachers, and students in her online lecture.

Rachel Avigad' talks about her

Gvanim Junior High School in Kadima-Zoran

As part of the international hackathon with students from India and China, students in the Nachshon class at Gvanim Middle School in Kadima Zoran participated in another meeting of five this week.

Nachshon class at Gvanim Middle School at a hackathon

De Shalit Junior High School in Rehovot

Entrepreneurship Week at De Shalit Middle School is organized by Reut Elsheich, who teaches the Youth Entrepreneurship Program in grades 7, 8, and 9.

Students in seventh and eighth grades attended two inspiring lectures:

"Save the world through our trash can" - Amit Mestechkin, consultant and lecturer on reducing food waste in businesses and households. The other lecture was "Green roofs to solar sheds in public space" by Ital Batzir Elsheich, a Rehovot City Council member who is responsible for sustainable development and innovation. The lecture enriched the students' knowledge about environmental initiatives around the world and in Rehovot.

Students have been introduced to entrepreneurship innovations, problems and solutions, and initiatives that can positively impact our environment.

Entrepreneurship Week events at De Shalit Middle School in Rehovot

David Bloch School in Tel Aviv

GEW was celebrated for the first time this year at the David Bloch School in Tel Aviv, under the direction of Sharon Shloman.

The following activities were planned for the school:

The school entrance sign during David Bloch School's Global Entrepreneurship Week

A number of entrepreneurs, some from the school neighborhood, gave lectures to students during the week.

GEW Schedule at the David Bloch School in Tel Aviv

The students held a take-and-give fair in addition to the entrepreneurs' lectures.

take-and-give fair during GEW 2021

Gymnasia HaRealit High School in Rishon LeTsiyon

The Gymnasia HaRealit High School hosted an international hackathon with students from five countries: Israel, the Philippines, South Africa, Vietnam, and India.

Galit Zamler led an International Acton for Gymnasia HaRealit Students

The hackathon lasted five days during GEW 2021. Four of these were synchronous, and one was asynchronous work of students in mixed groups on their project ideas.

The following video concludes the hackathon:

Teddy Kollek High School in Jerusalem

This year, Teddy Kollek High School, led by Principal Sonia Refaeli, formulated its uniqueness of entrepreneurship and innovation. As such, it took an active part in Global Entrepreneurship Week. The week was planned and organized by the entrepreneurship coordinator Merav Maman.

Teddy Kollek High School celebrated GEW2021 at a variety of events

During the week, the students heard lectures from guest entrepreneurs. Among them was Gal Benjamin Hamburger.

Gal Benjamin Hamburger at a lecture at Teddy Kollek High School

After the lecture, Gal wrote on Facebook as follows:

"Once again, it is a great privilege to reach young people and talk to them at eye level, about the Land of Israel and Zionism, about the startup nation and entrepreneurship, about how to get an idea and how to put it into practice, victories and failures, independent empowerment and development tools, aspirations, life ... Their feedback warmed my heart. I wish we would only have a good influence. Amen!"

The Zbenko project team gave an active lecture to Teddy Kollek High School students on financial education.

The students enjoyed both the lecture and the game that taught them some financial terms, which are essential to know.

The Zbenko project team gave an active lecture to Teddy Kollek High School

Throughout the week, the school held a series of hackathons so that each class could participate. In the end, the winning teams from the entire hackathon took part in a summit hackathon led by Galit Zamler.

Record event - hackathon in High School Teddy Kollek hosted by Galit Zamler

The school summarized the week as follows:
"We ended Entrepreneurship Week with excitement, great experiences, inspiration, and a sense of pride in the students.
Thanks to everyone who took part!
This is the way education should be done!"

Ron Arad High School in Rehovot

Ron Arad Global Entrepreneurship Week events

Ayelet Haimovich, the entrepreneurship teacher, organized an Inspiring Day for 7th-10th grade students as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Social and business entrepreneurs shared their entrepreneurial journeys, creativity, thinking outside the box, identifying social needs, and essential and exciting social ventures with students.

Gal Benjamin Hamburger, who later wrote the following, came to the school as a lecturer:
I gained a mitzvah again through Galit Zamler, who connected me with the Ron Arad High School, where over a hundred curious students awaited me.

Gal Benjamin Hamburger at Ron Arad School

Yahalom Bukai, a major in reserve, gave an inspiring lecture on the subject of "Plastic Ball" - about a green footprint and the changes and habits it has brought about.

Yahalom Bukai a guest lecturer on the subject of the environment

Tal Shapira Elyakim spoke with the students about "Ecological Social Initiatives."

Tal Shapira Elyakim spoke about

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