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By Galit Zamler
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Entrepreneurship from Self-Ambition - Motivation
By Galit Zamler

Entrepreneurship from self-ambition - motivation

The Ability to Generate Reality

The entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs are people who work to realize ideas. The drive to undergo a process that generally is not simple stems from an internally motivated self-ambition.

Being an entrepreneur means taking responsibility for the situation and leads to change. Such a motivation is one of the characteristics of the entrepreneur.

This situation can be the personal reality of the entrepreneur or the reality of society in terms of economy/society/technology.

For this reason, many leaders are also the best kind of entrepreneurs and vice versa; entrepreneurs are the type of leaders that have the ability to make a specific reality and to take part in shaping their future and even their environment.

The ability to create reality begins with the ability to see a different reality and then work for a change.

Our well-remembered leaders are those who worked and managed to change the situation.

One of these leaders is Benjamin Ze'ev Hertzl, who said: In Basel I founded the Jewish State and led to the changing of the jew's situation.

Benjamin Ze'ev Hertzl

Education on entrepreneurship, as part of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, aims to have the students face difficulties and challenges with the aim to teach the ability to see a different reality and raise ideas with the capacity to achieve.

Self-motivated people, they are the antithesis of people waiting for things to happen on their own. Dr. Seuss, in his book: ?Oh The Places You'll Go?, writes:

"You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes

You can steer yourself

Any direction you choose.

You're on your own. And you know what you know.

And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go."

Oh The Places You'll Go

The Tze'elon' school in Be'er Ya'akov, referred to the book and organized a school-related activity day.

This picture was taken in the teacher's room:

At the elementary school

The Passion for Success

The entrepreneur:

A person who has a desire to succeed in the field he/she had chosen could be an expert in that area in a short time. The desire will drive him to learn, overcome obstacles, and move toward success.

Despite all the efforts and risk taking, the success is not guaranteed and there are many difficulties along the way. The entrepreneur's motivation, inner drive, and the ability to pursue and overcome challenges from an inner drive will lead to a dream coming true.

Examples of successful entrepreneurs:

What motivates Via founders to succeed?

Daniel Ramot, one of the founders of Via, an Israeli company that develops a smart and dynamic transportation system according to the passenger's needs, and operates in about 100 cities around the world, explained the drive behind the development of the project this way:

"What motivates us is the creation, to be able making a change, to build something meaningful and that has some kind of an effect. We quickly realized that this was once in a lifetime idea or project. It's not another one of those ideas that were already realized by other people. And if we ever want to do something like that-now it's the opportunity."

Mark Zuckerberg drive to build Facebook

It was said about Mark Zuckerberg when he started setting up Facebook that, "He was just super driven and focused on building Facebook. Even back then, he talked about Facebook as being this thing that was going to be something that everyone in the world used."
Source: Inerview with Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram.

Shon Tal, the founder of the Israeli Yad 2 website, said in an interview to the newspaper Globes, about the desire for success: "The first activity period was the hardest. In May 2005, I launched the site, a year before, I start working on it, and the first two years of the establishment, I didn't sleep at night. Waking up four times a night and working on the computer, the management, and the systems we build."


The Entrepreneurship for Kids program encourages its participants to identify their ambitions and to act upon them.